Cannabis and Sex *ONLINE*



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*PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be hosted online via Zoom. If you've signed up for this session, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the workshop.

Cannabis has been used for centuries as aphrodisiac, including as a lubricant. Learn how it affects sexual performance, and different consumption methods and strains for different purposes such as enhancing pleasure, managing pain, and assisting relaxation. Gain insight on navigating relationships with radically different consumption preferences with the Founder & CEO of Pleasure Peaks.   

with Antuanette Gomez

Applies to singles and couples, all genders, orientations, pleasures and identities.  

Webinars are held on the Zoom online platform that allows you to see and hear the facilitator but no one else will see or hear you.  It has a chat function where you can ask questions anonymously that are specific to your own situation/ partner(s)/ body/ desires. The facilitator will see the questions and answer them during the session. 

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