Convert Religious Shame to Soulful Intimacy



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Have you been “affected by religion”?  Perhaps you grew up in a religious household.  Maybe you were surrounded by a religious community or extended family.  Either way, you likely grew up in a society structured on religion.  All of us affected by religion have had some degree of Religious Shame infused into our thinking.  This workshop is for anyone who is curious about the possible imprints (often unconscious) that religion has left on your sexuality. 

There are different ways this shows up in our intimate lives.  For some, religious shame leaves them inhibited or held back.  For others, religious shame has emboldened them to have an adventurous and enjoyable sex life, yet they still have contend with a faint inner dialogue that tells them could are bad or wrong.  For others still, they feel stuck – unsure how to navigate the journey of aligning sexual pleasure with their values.  Attending this workshop provides insight and awareness into religious shame and how its side effects show up in your life. It is a space to embrace both the negative and positive effects that come from religion.  Gain simple tools to discover what’s inhibiting you or having you doubt yourself and open up a whole new level of Soulful Intimacy for yourself!

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