Doing Your Kegels (Correctly!) for Pleasure & Health



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Been told to do Kegels but not sure which muscles are doing what? The pelvic floor contains a forgotten group of mostly hidden muscles with important roles in bladder, bowel and sexual function. In any strength training program, whether we are targeting the abs, glutes or pelvic floor, it is only effective if we are engaging the appropriate muscles.

With fewer sensory connections from these muscles to our brain, they are a tricky group for our body to connect to and use effectively. In this workshop we’ll learn tricks to locate the many muscles that form the pelvic floor and how to make them work for you in increasing sexual satisfaction and overall health. What happens when Kegels are not enough and pain with sex is getting in the way of pleasure? We’ll explore exercises such as ‘Reverse Kegels’ to release muscle tension and improve our enjoyment. Women* only.

*includes cis and trans women and non-binary folk.

With Katie Hauck

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