Fun Factory Flexi Felix Silicone Anal Beads


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Let Felix show you what he can do! Soft, flexible silicone, designed to be pulled out of the anus during orgasm for a heightened feeling of ecstasy, or pull them out whenever you want… and enjoy! Easy to reinsert if desired. The handle is larger than most anal beads, making it easier to grasp and the beads increase in size for multilevel stimulation. You can add a bullet vibe like the Tango or One Touch in one of Flexi Felix’s eyes to make it vibrate for even more options!

Product Care

Silicone: Made of 100% silicone, this toy is hypo-allergenic, non-porous (so it won't absorb anything), cleans easily, conducts vibration well and warms to the body. Its high quality construction ensures little to no wear and tear and for vibrating toys, a longer life span. Wash with soap and water. Toys without internal vibrators or with vibrators that can be removed can be sterilized by boiling in a pot of water for 3-4 minutes. When practicing safer sex with a partner, either use a condom or boil in-between uses.

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