G-Spots & (Female) Ejaculation (for Women* & Trans folk)



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The G-Spot does exist! Everyone has the potential to ejaculate! Learn the anatomy, tools and techniques to find the G-Spot and broaden your orgasmic repertoire. Often questioned, but easier to find that you might think, the G-Spot offers new sexual possibilities. Sex Educator Tara McKee will take you on a fun and educational journey through this often mysterious “spot”. She will also address the ejaculatory fluid and discuss answers to the question of “what is it actually, and where does it come from?” Great for those who have one and/or want to find the g-spot on someone else. Please note that this workshop is for women*, trans, and non-binary people.

*Women includes trans and cis women.  

While some of workshop is applicable to all identities/bodies, the anatomy portion is specific to clits/g-spots/vaginas.

With Tara McKee

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