Giving Great Head



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*PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is not yet scheduled for an online class. We will monitor the situation If we move it online, we will post it as such and notify any one who has signed up. 

We use a woman’s perspective to teach you how to give fantastic head to men. Workshop includes dozens of tips and techniques that will improve both your and your partner’s pleasure from oral sex, including the “million dollar point”, positions, toys, intensifying orgasms and erogenous zones. Women* only.

With Lorraine Hewitt (aka CoCo La Crème)

*Women includes trans/cis women and non-binary folk.

Participant reviews:

  • “This was amazing! Lorraine was so personable, sex positive, feminist, warm, and so  I think the 1 hour of hands on/mouth on technique was invaluable. I learned to have more fun with it — it’s better for him, and better for you. I learned so many great techniques — some very natural, so that was lovely.”
  • “I learned it’s okay not to go straight for orgasm or ‘just getting it over with’.  It’s excellent to have some practical skills to apply to make things exciting and creative.  I actually feel excited to try these things!”
  • “Instruction was comfortable & relaxing and fun!  Lorraine played a large role in making the logistics fun while still learning.”
  • “The expertise, energy, sensitivity of Lorraine, the instructor, made the class interactive, fun, and funny!  Great teacher!”
  • “I enjoyed the information regarding not liking the same stuff at different points of arousal.”
  • “Learned some great moves that I’m really looking forward to bringing out.”
  • “Loved Lorraine’s welcoming, friendly personality. Her demonstrations were helpful and lighthearted. All of it was helpful for me. If there was a part two, I would attend.”

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