Intimina Laselle Kegel Exerciser


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The Intimina Laselle Exerciser is one of our favorite kegel weights from 2017. The single Intimina Laselle Exerciser weight is the ideal size (1.4" diameter) so it won't get lost and made from a 100% body-safe silicone for a smooth yet easy to grip kegel weight.

The weights are easy to insert and come with a cord for easy retrieval. Each weight contains a ball inside which rumbles around against the outer ball to make a gentle non-vibrating sensation that feels great and reminds you to do your squeezing exercises! Some people like to wear them out dancing or working out for that added pleasure (that nobody else knows is going on!). Note that these should stay in place without constant contracting (which is not healthy anyhow- no weight training course requires constant contracting without relaxing). Some people wear them all day and squeeze a few times (2-25 times) when they feel the ball (usually when moving around).

Each weight is the same size but with different internal weights. We recommend beginning with the middle (38g) size unless you feel very weak (28g) or fairly strong already (48g).

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