Sensuva On Balm Clitoral Sensation Cream


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Many people love the idea of sensation creams but, unfortunately, not all people react well to the menthol-based products that are currently so popular.  Introducing ON Balm, a completely innovative, perfectly natural arousal aid for women.  ON increases your orgasmic potential using a unique blend of essential oils to increase sensation and sensitivity where it’s most desired.  Rather than adding menthol, which is widely used in similar products to deliver the cool tingle that clitoral creams and gels are known for, ON Balm uses sensation enhancers like sweet almond, cinnamon and rosemary oils. This results in a warm, sensual feeling that will leave your vulva buzzing with delight.  It’s ideal for women who wish to increase sexual pleasure and may also be helpful for those who have trouble achieving orgasm.  Sensation usually peaks around 2 minutes, with effects lasting up to 45 minutes.

Not for use with condoms

Ingredients: Beeswax, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend Including; Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oil Extract.

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