Sexy Living Vanilla Venus Edible Massage Bar


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Vanilla Venus edible massage bars are the all-natural treat that makes your skin so sweet! These bars make massaging easy! Simply break off a piece and melt in your hands (or your mouth!), to give your lover a delightfully delectable massage. Or, surprise your lover by rubbing yourself down with this tasty blend of pure cocoa butter, stevia and essential oils. You'll be too delicious to resist! These edible massage bars melt down to a beautiful texture that feels smooth and wonderful; never drippy or messy. Re-wrap and use many times for a truly indulgent pleasure. Totally safe and delicious to eat. Re-wrap between uses. These massage bars also make a great moisturizer after sun, bathing or shaving.

Each bar contains 78g of natural tastiness!

Ingredients: Pure cocoa butter, organic flax oil, natural vanilla, pure essential oils of ylang-ylang and vetiver, stevia herbal extract.

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