Vulva Massage for Self-Healing



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Pleasure is inherently healing, yet so many folks walk around disconnected from their genitals and unsure of how to activate pleasure. Often there are memories of trauma or unpleasant experiences that seem to reside in the tissues, creating experiences of numbness or pain. This presentation will cover the specific ways in which vulvas can be awakened and will provide self-massage techniques for vulva owners to practice as part of a healing ritual. Demonstrations will be provided on a vulva-puppet, and will encompass various techniques for inviting pleasure as well as pressure points to help release tension and armouring. Breathwork will also be explored as an aid to releasing tension and held emotions, and to facilitate sensation in the body. Participants will have the opportunity to try various breathwork techniques, incorporating sounds and movements to then take home and add to their self massage practice. Exercises involving self-touch over clothing will be optional.

With Monica Kovacs

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