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A Complete Guide To Rabbit-Style Vibrating Sex Toys

A Complete Guide To Rabbit-Style Vibrating Sex Toys

There’s a reason rabbit vibrators are legendary in the world of vibrating sex toys. Those cute ears can create a unique tickling sensation that some describe as close as it gets to recreating the feeling of oral pleasure on a clitoris. They have evolved over time from the original Rabbit with a person-shaped shaft and a rabbit (or other animal) facing them. 

Rumour has it that these toys originated in Japan, where at the time sex toys were not allowed to look like penises—


It’s All In The Ears

Many of the Japanese toys had a variety of animals attached for clitoral stimulation: beaver and their tongues, rabbits’ ears, dolphins’ tails, etc. The most effective, however, are the classic rabbit ears. Their ability to tickle either side of the clitoral shaft makes them really get the job done (compared to the single tongues on the beavers that could be too intense or lopsided, stimulating only one side of the clitoris). The double ears enable gentle sensations on either side that can be adjusted for intensity. The ears also feel great on a nipple, frenulum, raphe (underside) of the penis, or even the outside of the anus (with a good clean afterwards). 

With Beads It's Even Better

The beads at the base of the shaft also have a fabulous function. They stimulate the opening of the vagina, which has tons of nerve endings. The rotation of the beads feels fantastic coupled with the vibration. 

Rotation Makes It Right

Original rabbits like the Jack Rabbit Slim and the Happy Rabbit Beaded Silicone Vibrator have a rotation that really takes the pleasure to the next level. Many people try to make the dildo part of the shaft rotate inside the vagina, but most of these sex toys do not have strong enough motors to be able to move all of the tissue inside the vagina and pelvic floor muscles. Often you will hear the motor strain as a result and even it can lead to the toy breaking. Instead, keep the inside constant and let the outer part rotate around the clitoris. This rotation, combined with the rabbit ears tickling, gives an extra special sensation similar to oral sex. Here is the Happy Rabbit Beaded Silicone Vibrator (the black dot indicates where the head of the clitoris would be): 

Newer Versions

The popularity of the classic rabbit vibrating sex toy has led to it being copied, updated, and, modified. Some of the changes have brought amazing new options to the marketplace. Others have left out some of the essential features and functions. We believe that the following variations of the classic rabbit vibrator keep the best of functionality with a variety of options:

  • Just the external ears that vibrate, without the dildo, such as the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator, Rabbit Teaser or JimmyJane Form 2. These toys are great for those who do not want penetration and prefer the clitoral sensation. In addition, you can squeeze the ears on either side of a clitoris or nipple for added intensity.
  • In a similar way, if you have a Hitachi Magic Wand (or a variation that has the same sized head) you can add the Bliss Tips attachment to get a super powerful sensation to squeeze on either side of the clitoris. Alternatively, the same attachment can be used with one of the tips inside the vagina for intense shallow G-spot play and the other tip against the clitoris for powerful dual stimulation. 
  • Rabbit ears on a shaft that does not rotate, such as the Double Dancer. This is a great introductory toy with soft ears and a flexible shaft that can be used for a thrusting motion and clitoral pleasure. 
  • Broader clitoral stimulation: 
    • The Magic Bunny is a soft toy that can be used for thrusting to feel like intercourse, stimulating the clitoris and G-spot if desired. 
    • The We-Vibe Nova offers more firm pressure against the G-spot with a very flexible arm for the clitoris. It can also be used with the We-Vibe App so that someone else can control the intensity—from across the room or around the world. The two arms can also be squeezed together around the shaft of a penis for a sensation like a vibrating hand job. 
    • The Alice is a firm toy that provides gentle pressure against the clitoris and inside the vagina with varying vibration intensity.
    • The Lelo Ina Wave uses a wave motion so the G-spot and the clitoral arm move towards each other, adding pressure against both. The motion of the toy also works well with both arms used just on the outside for an external tickling wave motion. (See video below: the black dot on the hand illustrates where the clitoral head would be.) 
    • The air pressure/ suction toys now have a rabbit version as well: the Satisfyer ProG Rabbit gives suction as well as internal vibration. The Womanizer Duo does the same with a softer internal shaft that works better if you like thrusting. 
    • The Fun Factory Bi-Stronic Fusion that combines self-thrusting (so you don't have to do the work) with broad clitoral stimulation for a pulsing internally and against the clitoris. The toy allows you to lie back and enjoy the ride without much effort. You can even prop the toy between two pillows to hold it in place. 

Many of these dual toys also work well for anal stimulation for folks of all genders, but especially those who have a penis and longer perineum. 

The rabbit-style vibrating sex toy is popular and has evolved for good reason: it is an impressive and functional design with a high pleasure success rate. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect rabbit for every basket.