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Are more expensive vibrators better?

Are more expensive vibrators better?

Does spending more money on a vibrator mean that it will give you better pleasure? Will it last longer? Can a cheaper vibrator do the same for less money? When shopping for sex toys, you might have a budget and a goal in mind for your new sex toy. Depending on what your needs, budget and desires are, your vibrator choices might have great options at both ends of a budget. 

Why are some vibrators more expensive?

Vibrators can go up in price depending on a number of factors. Things like:

  • Innovation
  • Does the vibrator offer a special feature or function? Vibrators that have moveable parts or multiple functions might be more expensive. The We-Vibe Nova is a higher end vibrator that changed the dual-vibrator game with its flexible design, multi-body part use, soft silicone and powerful deep vibrations. For couples, We-Vibe also makes a vibrator that is wearable during penetrative vaginal sex: The Chorus. Fun Factory’s Manta Stroker is a vibrator designed especially for penis stimulation.

  • Power
  • Battery-operated toys tend to be cheaper than rechargeable toys. Battery doesn’t always mean less power, but it does mean remembering to keep fresh batteries around! The Fun Factory Boss is an example of a high-quality battery operated vibrator. 

    More expensive toys might have stronger or better motors. Higher-end motors that power the vibration can be better and more effective at delivering deep vibration into your body. Higher-priced sex toys with motors are usually quieter too - which is great if you need to minimize the buzzing noises. The Le-Wand Petite vibrator is quiet for its size and power. 

  • Warranties
  • Some higher-priced vibrators come with better or longer warranties. Their parts may last longer. For example, luxury brand Lelo offers a 10 year quality guarantee on their products. 

  • Materials
  • A higher cost used to be associated with better and safer sex toy materials. Sex toys made of jelly rubber are often cheaper because they are porous and hard to keep bacteria out of. Body-safe materials like glass, stainless steel, hard ABS plastic, and silicone sex toys are available in almost every price range. You could choose The Satisfyer Charming Smile, which is under $100 and body safe with a quality design and motor. 

  • Features
  • Sex toys that have more complex functions and features, like swirling, thrusting and warming can be more expensive to make. Costs increase when quality technology and parts get more complex. 

    Thrusting or swirling toys are usually more expensive and often better quality at the higher-end because the mechanics are complex. If built cheaply, they often will under-perform in thrusting. The Velvet Teddy thruster vibrator is a higher-end thruster which has great features like power, a suction cup base and ability to be used anally or vaginally. A less expensive thruster like the Pillow Talk Thrusting Feisty vibrator is smaller, more discrete and might do the job for you if you aren’t concerned with big power. If you want internal thrusting, clitoral vibration, G-spot pleasure, and labia stimulation, the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion vibrator has all these features. 

    How do I know if an expensive vibrator is worth it?

    Consider these questions:

  • What features and functions are important to you?
  • Sure there may be a more expensive rechargeable version of the Magic Wand, but the plug-in version is cheaper and provides the same power. So unless you’re chasing your partner around the room, The Magic Wand Original plug-in might suit your needs at a lesser cost. Read our blog about which Magic Wand might be best for you.

  • Are you looking for a completely new style of toy?
  • If you’re looking for a vibrator to do something specific, like G-spot stimulation, and you’ve never tried any G-spot vibrators before, you can start with a less expensive toy to see what sensations, materials and power you might enjoy. The Mood Frisky G-Spot Vibrator is an inexpensive vibrator, battery-operated, body-safe material and can be used on G-spots, nipples, outside anal play, vulvas, clitorises, and penises. A higher-end toy like the Lelo Ina Wave 2, uses special technology to create a waving motion that stimulates the G-spot. 

    If you’re adding something completely new to your collection because it’s unique - like the Rose Clitoral Vibrator or the Deia Feather Vibe you can find quirky vibrators at any price range.

  • Are there company or social values you prioritize?
  • Are you looking for a small-business or locally-owned brand? Is it important to you that the brand is inclusive? For example, Fun Factory vibrators are made in Germany, and the company prioritizes workers rights and safety and are committed to low environmental impact. 

    If you have questions about sex toys, you can always contact us to get help with choosing the right vibrator for you in your budget. Check out our blog on 5 Tips for Bringing Your New Vibrator Home and Everything You Need to Know About Shopping for Vibrators. 


    Written for GFH by Luna Matatas