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Celebrate Pride with the Best Gender-Affirming Sex Toys for Every Body

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June is a time to celebrate the LGBTQI2S community as well as acknowledge how far we've come—and how far we need to go—and toys are a great way to enhance pleasure possibilities for all bodies and desires. Note that some of us like the names attributed to our body parts and others don't. Some alternative gender-affirming names for penis include strapless, outie, and shenis; alternatives for vulva/ clitoris include t-dick and innie. Here is a roundup of toys to show your pride however you prefer and have even more fun while you do. 


The beauty of dildos is that they come in so many sizes, textures, shapes, and colours. Check out our guide for a complete rundown on how to choose the best one for you. In the silicone dildo category, there are skin tone colours from light to dark or non-skin colours like purple and blue depending on your preference. And for those who like a little glam in their toys, especially this time of year, there are glitter, confettitie-die, and rainbow colours to make sex that much more fun! There's even one for the bears and their admirers. 

Thin toys like the Mistress work well for those who prefer something long and thin, especially for anal play. Beginners to vaginal play might like a dildo on the smaller side such as the Avant D1 or the Woody. Double-ended dildos are a popular sex toy choice as some can be used without a strap-on harness, although they generally stay better in place when used with one. For extra stimulation of someone with a vulva as the harness-wearer, use a dildo with a base such as the Mustang Royale with an extra pleasure pad at the base or a Bumpher that will add a pleasure pad to the base of almost any dildo. Pump up the t-dick or clit ahead of time with a  pump for even more pleasure. The BJ Dildo is another choice to feel the suction as though you were receiving oral sex. The Shiloh can be bent for packing under clothes and straightened out for playing. 

Folks who want more firmness in their dildos might like a steel one such as the Pure Wand, which is amazing for anyone with a G-spot or prostate. Glass toys are equally awesome—the Purple Rain is a favourite for those who want a little Prince in their sex and the option to choose between smooth or rippled depending on the mood and moment. 

Strap-On Harnesses

A classic sex toy choice for many to use is a strap-on. Trans women and nonbinary folks with a shenis who want to use a harness can opt for something with very few straps such as the Simple, Stealth, or Commando, or one that is soft and does not have much bulk such as the Driver or the Protector that covers and holds their strapless in place. Those who want to strap-on their dildo in a way that looks more “natural” often use a Rodeoh. Since this harness looks like underwear, it can feel more gender-affirming to make it look like the dildo is attached to the body under clothes. Alternatively, some folks wear underwear over their harness so that their cock can be pulled through their underwear fly.


Vibrating toys can be used and enjoyed by anyone. Using a Jive inside the vagina can produce internal vibrating pleasure while wearing a harness or can be fun to use while out-and-about, controlled by your or your partner's smartphone. A wand-style vibrator like the Hitachi classics or a soft toy like the Charming Smile is great for using between two folks of all sexes as one partner can straddle the other.

Folks with penises/straplesses can enjoy vibrating prostate toys and penis rings to stimulate the shaft of their penis and their partner's clitoris or perineum during penetration. Sometimes folks on estrogen hormones might find it harder to get an erection and feel pleasure. The Hot Octopus Pulse toys and the Miracle Massager attachment on a wand are both powerful vibrators that can feel great without an erection. Alternatively, The Volta and Nova are great options for pleasuring the sensitive underside of the shaft of a penis or shenis. 


Strokers are great for anyone with a penis or outie. The Tenga Fliphole Zero gets lots of compliments. For those with a t-dick, the locally made Pitstop Shotpocket is a silicone stroker that works when a dicklet has been physically enhanced by taking testosterone. Non-silicone and less expensive options include the FTM Stroker

Anal Toys

The great thing about anal toys is that the butt is an equal opportunity orifice, so these toys apply regardless of sex, gender, orientation, and work solo or partnered. Check out our guide to anal toys for more details. For pride, the P7 Ace Plug is a great choice that will help you celebrate all year long.  

Gender-Affirming Products


For transmasculine, non-binary, and gender-fluid folks, it is important to have some options that might be more of a prosthetic than a sex toy per se. These include a packing dildo such as the Packer Gear, Pierre, Archer or Mr. Right to create a bulge under clothing that looks and feels realistic should someone's hand reach down inside. For smaller people who want a smaller bulge, the Archer in small is an ideal choice. 

It can be helpful to have something that holds the packer in place. The Aslan Jock Packing Strap will hold the packer against the body whereas the Aslan Stealth will just let the packer hang free. Alternatively, the all in one Spareparts Pete Trunks have a pocket to hold the cock in the right spot in your underwear. 


Stand-to-pees or STPs can be used by someone with a vulva/t-dick to pee through at a urinal or elsewhere without being outed. The Mr Fenis is more simple while the Number One and Ultra-Soft are more realistic looking, all with variable skin tones. 


Binders are used for those who want a flatter chest. The Underworks options come in a medical-grade, breathable Spandex that can be long to cover the abdomen or short to just cover the chest. There is also a cotton-lined version in either length that can be more comfortably worn without a shirt on top. They come in a variety of sizes, so it's important to measure according to the instructions before purchasing. 


Some transfeminine, non-binary, cross-dressing, and gender-fluid folks might want to use a gaff. It's a type of underwear that tucks and holds the penis or outie down between the legs for less of a bulge. It has a wider front for extra coverage and is available in different sizes. 

Breast Forms

To make a bigger chest, breast forms can be used with a special see-through bra designed to hold them in place. Foam options are lighter and less expensive. Silicone breast forms are more realistic looking with a realistic, differently-coloured nipple and more weight. The Transform Premier line is the most realistic, also made of silicone, and can be special-ordered in different sizes. These three material options come in either a triangle or oval shape. The triangle option has more projection which means that they are more pronounced for their size. The oval has slightly less frontal projection and can be used vertically or horizontally according to the preferred look.  


For those who want a more protruding nipple, the Attachable Nipples are self-adhesive, reusable, silicone, and can be attached to any breast form or to the chest. The SuperPerk is the most basic in terms of colour variation and protrusion. The Natural Look is more realistic and the Queen Sized options are the most realistic in terms of colour and texture of areola. 


WickedMMM is a company in Montreal that makes underwear for “people with packages,” or folks who have a penis or strapless and want to wear lacy underwear that fits them comfortably. They come in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles to suit different bodies and aesthetic preferences. (They are currently available in-store and not online). 


Folks who have had vaginoplasty may want to use sex toys post-surgery to maintain the depth and width of their vagina. Dilators can be used but many folks just use a dildo of the best size. Lube is important for penetration for most folks, and post-surgery dilation generally requires even more due to increased frequency of use. The economy sizes of Slippery Stuff or Non-Friction/FuckWater Hybrid water-based lubricants are good options. 

Other Resources

A fabulous guide to safer sex for transfeminine folks is downloadable here. Another great resource is Fucking Trans Women which can be purchased herePrimed2 and Safer Sex for Transguys are great options for trans men. There are lots of other books in our Pride Collection, including GirlSex 101, anal pleasure, erotica, being or raising a trans teen or child, using pronouns, finding resilience, and more.