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Diving into Different Dildos

Diving into Different Dildos

Dildos are a classic sex toy that many people are familiar with. Did you know there’s many different kinds of dildos for different sensations or pleasure goals? Vibrators usually have mechanical parts or motors that create vibrating sensations, whereas dildos are usually solid (some can be turned into vibrators) 

Dildos for strap-on play

Dildos for strap-on play or pegging need to have a base that is harness-compatible. They come in different sizes of diameter and length. They tend to be firmer or dual density (firmer on the inside and cushier on the outside), but not made of materials like stainless steel or glass. Check out our guide to choosing a dildo for strap-on play for more tips.

The Fuze Velvet silicone dildo is great for anal or vaginal strap-on sex.

Dildos for hands-free play

Want to affix a dildo to the wall or a mirror so you can have hands-free penetration? Look for dildos with suction cup bases. Try the Maia Riley suction cup dildo.

Realistic dildos

If you want your dildos to feel and look more phallic, you’ll enjoy dildos that have prominent penis heads, veins, and testicles. Some realistic dildos also have special silicone that feels more like skin through its texture and density. Learn about different sex toy materials on our blog.

Check out Vixen Creations Mustang Vixskin dildo and the Colours Pleasure 8 Inch silicone dildo. 

Dildos for size/stretching play

Some people enjoy the feeling of fullness or of being stretched for pleasure. Other people might be working up to advanced activities like fisting and dildos can help allow the body to adjust to increased sizes over time. When choosing a dildo for size or stretching play, you can choose from different degrees of firmness and different shapes for vaginal or anal stretching. For anal stretching, you also have the option of choosing butt plugs — like the b-Vibe XL plug. 

Check out the Fun Factory Boss silicone dildo as well.

Dildos for G-spot and P-spot Play

Prostate play and G-spot dildos are ergonomically shaped for these internal hot spots in the vagina and the anus. Both P-spot and G-spot dildos will have curved heads and will likely be on the firmer side of dildo density. 

Check out the Fuze Flame Silicone suction dildo (harness-compatible) and Blush Avant D14 Heart of Gold dildo.

Double-ended dildos 

You can also find double-ended dildos for double penetration. Double penetration might occur in one hole or you can insert one end into two holes (on the same body or on different bodies). Double-ended dildos tend to have some flexibility. 

Check out The Fuze Tango, great for strapless-on play and other types of double-insertion play or the Luna Alive double-ended dildo.


No dildo is complete without a lube! 


It can be overwhelming in the sea of dildo options. Think about what you want to use it for and what’s missing in your collection. If you’re a first-time dildo shopper, feel free to reach out and we can help you navigate all the choices.