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Erika Lust Strikes Again with XConfessions Vol. 4 !

Erika Lust does it again with the next in her series of XConfessions vol. 4 . Ten new edgy and super sexy confessions with Erika’s signature beautiful filmmaking, amazing sets and attention to detail that distinguish her above many others. Many of our customers appreciate her feminist ethics as well as high production values and sexy scenarios. Folks who do not like mainstream porn offen appreciate Erika’s style that focuses on everyone’s pleasure, interesting and intelligent stories, intriguing camera angles and genuine desire and pleasure.

Volume 4 illuminates the realities of modern sexuality  including sex via social networks (I Found Your Mother on Tinder, #SkypeSex), pansexual and edgy sex, odes to TV scenes and of course sex and food.

Take pleasure in indulging in a playful and edgy world of sexual fantasy. Relax while Erika Lust takes you there with XConfessions 4!
111 minutes.