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Hot Tips for Period Sex

Hot Tips for Period Sex

Are you into or curious about period sex? You might menstruate, or have sex with people who menstruate, or both. People have sex on their periods for lots of reasons, including:

  • Some people are hornier on their periods.
  • Increased fluids feels good.
  • To stimulate endorphins that may relieve cramping.
  • Enjoying menstrual erotic fantasies.
  • Other people might enjoy a feeling of increased freedom, arousal, or deeper intimacy from having sex during menstruation.

Explore how you feel about period sex

You might be really excited about period sex, but worried about what your partner might think, or the mess that might happen. You might get hornier on your period, but prefer to masturbate. Whether you menstruate or have sex with people who menstruate, or bothhow do you feel about period sex? 

Try exploring with questions like:

  • What makes me uncomfortable? Is it blood? Scents? The idea of it? Mess?
  • Do I need more information?
  • Do I feel it’s dangerous or unsafe for me or my partner?
  • Is it important to me or my partner to explore period sex?

Understanding how you feel about period sex gives you the opportunity to explore any shame and prepare you to communicate with your partner. Discuss what activities are on the table for period sex, whether that’s different than what you normally do, or the same. 

Get prepped for period sex

  • Managing blood flow:
    • Some people change their menstrual hygiene options when preparing for period sex. For example, you might use tampons or pads, but switch to menstrual panties or menstrual sponges for period sex. 
    • Menstrual cups that don’t extend into the vaginal canal can be used for penetrative sex, like the Intiminia Ziggy Cup.
  • Preparing for mess:
    • Protect your sheets! Options include: sex blankets, dark towels, disposable incontinence pads, and mattress pads.
    • Keep unscented baby wipes next to the bed—blood can get sticky and flaky when it dries.
  • Discuss what barriers you’ll use:
    • Getting pregnant is unlikely, but not impossible during menstruationdiscuss what contraceptives work best for you.
    • Sexually transmitted infections are possible during period sexperiod blood is a bodily fluid. Read how to make safer sex sexier here.
    • Condoms are an easy way to reduce blood transfer and make an easy clean up for penises and sex toys.
    • Dental dams can be used as a barrier between a mouth and vulva for oral sex.

    Get curious about menstrual eroticism

    Some people really enjoy blood as it creates a wet texture for penetration. Menstrual erotic fantasies also sometimes includes blood as body artfor example: menstrual stamping on the body. Menstrual eroticism is creating erotic experiences that involve menstruation or menstrual blood. Examples include:

    • Body stamping with blood.
    • Arousal to blood scent (metallic, iron-rich scent), taste, or texture.
    • Fantasies with primal, womb, divine feminine themes.
    • Fetishes for objects associated with periods like tampons.
    • Oral sex on menstruating vaginas.
    • Menstrual sex as a bucket list itemgetting your ‘red wings’.

    Explore how you feel about period blood and then see how it feels when you imagine it in an erotic way. Is the consistency, smell, or visual of the blood erotic for you? Is the idea of seeing your blood on your partner’s face, body, or fingers sexy? Does it make you feel more dominant or submissive? You might discover a period sex fantasy!

    Engage other erogenous zones

    Vulvas are only one erogenous zoneperiods can be an opportunity to focus attention and erotic energy on other erogenous zones. It’s okay not to want to have sex if you’re menstruating and it’s also okay to not want to have sex with someone who is menstruating. What’s important is to communicate without shame using empathy and self-awareness.   

    Written for GFH by Luna Matatas