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How to Personalize Presents For Your Significant Other

Everyone loves to receive gifts (especially if it ranks high as a Love Language). They are little surprises that make us feel valued and appreciated. When a partner has an actual need for something, then gift-giving can be relatively easy if we have the budget. Otherwise, gift-giving can be a stressful activity, trying to figure out what we can afford, and/ or what might be appreciated by our special someone. Many people feel more loved and special when a gift is given that is home-made, is meaningful for your relationship and reflects your connection.

Thoughtfulness and effort go a long way to a gift being welcome and appreciated. Although they require a little more reflection and a little to a lot more effort than buying something at a store in person or online, home-made gifts are often the most inexpensive and touching. And with so many craft websites offering guidance and pictures, they are surprisingly not necessarily a lot more time-consuming. And usually, they are much more fun to create and give.

A Gift of Yourself: Ask a friend or hire a professional to create Boudoir photos of yourself. Just make sure you discuss who gets the finals so that you don't find any private photos on the internet! Alternatively, write a sexy fantasy story to share; printed and presented in a fancy manner and potentially also including in the package any props that are necessary to enact that fantasy. Or write a love poem extolling your love and appreciation for them. Alternatively, make a video that is password protected that your partner gets to watch. It can be explicit or suggestive or simply a narrative describing what you want to do to them.  

A Gift that Keeps on Giving: There are plenty of generic books of sexy coupons but it is way more fun and meaningful to create them yourself including personal references such as giving a full-body massage to their favorite album and massage oil scent, a bubble bath with a specific new waterproof sex toy, a make-out session in your local secluded park. You can also add racier coupons that specify scenarios with certain sexual positions, roles, locations, activities, and toys. Just be sure to follow-up every few weeks and suggest that they redeem a coupon of their choice. Some folks need extra permission to follow-through with asking to receive an indulgence.  

Alternatively create a basket of play items such as feathers, massagers and other textures, candles, (flavored) oils or lubes that can be used that day and beyond. Include little wrapped notes that give suggestions on creative ways to use them solo or together.  

Memory Collection: Create a scrapbook or photo-book of your memories. Print them out yourself and glue them in a scrapbook along with other memorable items such as theatre ticket stubs and write captions to remember special moments. For a more professional look, you can find online album programs that print the album for you.

Blow up your favorite photo or a collage and place it/them in a store-bought frame or one created by you. Or collect a lot of photos and put them on a digital photo player where they can be played in sequence or your partner can choose to display one a day.  

Appreciations: Compose a list of reasons why you love, admire and like your partner. Print them elegantly on a piece of paper by hand or from your computer. Or write them individually on a basket of baked cookies or heart-shaped cutouts. Keep the list in a file on your phone or computer and remind them once a week with one reason sent via email, text, or on a note hidden somewhere, that will be a warm surprise to find during the day.   

Consumables: Keep and wash out your smaller empty jars of body care products or food. Decorate them with paint, pens and/ or ribbons and fill them with your own handmade products. You can find endless recipes online for homemade aftershave, hand lotion, massage oil, bubble bath, soap, or edibles like candied nuts, heart-shaped cookies, rice crispy squares, or chocolate covered pretzels.    

Home Decor: Spice up your/ partner’s home with home-made accessories. A craft store will have many supplies to help you with your projects.  Use regular or chalkboard paint to decorate items reclaimed from your recycling bin. Pour melted wax into a decorated container. Paint a heart-shaped frame for your latest photo together, decorate wine or vinegar bottles to make elegant vases or make a quotation bubble on a mug so you can write a thought-for-the day on your partner's morning coffee cup. Create personalized hand towels with a loving sentiment; paint a heart or words on stones for the garden, in planters or as a door-stop; adorn wooden coasters with a romantic saying; decorate a special cup with an oil-based Sharpie or Deco Art markers.

Give the gift of your personal touch. It does not need to be a huge project if you don't have much time. With a little effort and a few materials, you can create a gift that will be a lot more memorable and meaningful than something you can find at a store and likely a lot cheaper. And hopefully, your partner will feel indeed loved and appreciated through your efforts and your gift will result in surprises for both of you!