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Sex On the Cycle

Sex can be messy when one (or more) partners is bleeding. You can opt for shower sex, stay on the red towel or use something internally (such as a tampon) but only pleasure external erogenous zones. For some of us, that is a real downer, as we can be extra horny at that time of the cycle. Many folks are fans of the Soft Tampon Sex Sponges for discreet, easy absorption of any blood that a partner cannot feel if inside. They are easy to insert, use, and remove and are disposable (one-time use only). They also can withstand all sorts of positions and vigorous thrusting as they cannot be dislodged. A little bit of blood may be visible at the end of a penis or toy or fingers, whatever is deepest inside, however it won’t be large amounts or possibly even noticeable. And generally a partner cannot feel them.

For those who want a reusable option, the Diva Cup works, but only if you are not having penetration. It will tip and spill with any kind of thrusting and won’t feel good for either partner as it fills most of the vagina.  Now there is the Ziggy Cup that can be used during intercourse or other forms of penetrative sex. It holds the blood inside as it covers the cervix, fitting behind the pubic bone. You may have to hold back on super vigorous activity depending on how well your body holds it in place. As long as it stays in place, there will be no spillage and no evidence or sensation to the partner that it is inside. It is easy to insert, use and remove and can be washed with soap and water and reinserted immediately. And it comes in its own silicone carrying case. Stop by and see the options, ask questions and find the best choice for you!