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Why Buy Sex Toys From a Sex Shop?

Why Buy Sex Toys From a Sex Shop?

Sex toys are experiencing a surge in popularity lately, becoming a legitimate consumer item that many people embrace as a healthy and important investment in one’s pleasure and oneself.

While it used to be that sex toys were only available at adult sex shops (and Consumers Distributing for those who were around in Canada in the 1980s), the variety of options for purchasing have multiplied. Feminist sex shops such as Good For Her helped to change the narrative about sex, pleasure, bodies, and access by being more inclusive and emphasizing sexual health. Demonstration items of sex toys and lubricants were put on display so that customers could touch and feel them.

In the 2000s, online shops started to pop up, and physical retail spaces started to sell sex products for those who don't live near a sex shop, want increased anonymity, or just convenience. And because of the increased popularity of sex toys, many online retailers focused on books and body care are adding sex toys to their lines. But just because you can purchase a sex toy almost anywhere doesn't mean that it's always your best option. Here’s why: 

Counterfeit Problems 

The business of counterfeit items is not just limited to Rolex watches, over-expensive sneakers, and Louis Vuitton. There are countless counterfeits abound in the world of sex toys, too. There are many imitations of quality toys such as Njoy stainless steel dildos and brand name vibrators such as LELO; however, as always, you usually get what you pay for.

If it is too good to be true, it likely is. And due to the intimate nature of sex toys, many online sellers will not honour a return for something that you mistook as authentic or was misrepresented online. You can also lose out if your vibrator stops working and it's a counterfeit, because counterfeits don't have a valid warranty.

On a more dangerous note, the materials used in the counterfeit toy may not be as safe as claimed, such as sex toys that contain phthalates or parabens in the lubricant, both of which can be harmful to your sexual health. 

Used Sex Toys

Many online retailers will accept returns of sex toys as long as the customer promises that it was never used. I'm not sure about you, but I wouldn't want to use a toy that someone else had “promised '' that they'd never used.

Moreover, on Amazon and eBay, there are many third-party sellers where there are no guarantees that the products that they sell have not been returned. Not to mention, many of these sellers used stolen credit cards to purchase brand-name toys from other sex shops and resell them. Some toys are now coming with tamper-evident seals. Legit shops you know you can trust are the way to go.

Fake Reviews

There's money to be made in writing fake reviews for many products, and sadly, sex toys are no different. What's really distressing is these fake reviews can result in you buying a product that's downright bad, or even worse, bad for your sexual health.

While it can be hard to discern when a review is fake, if a reviewer has only offered feedback on just one product or brand, then the review is probably fae. The other red flag is when multiple products show 4 and 5 star (out of 5) reviews. Many review apps allow the website manager to set the range for which levels of reviews are allowed to be published. So if you see only positive reviews for multiple products, then chances are the more negative, or unhappy reviews, have been deliberately censored to make the product look better.

Knowledge is Power 

At GFH, the staff are given over 50 hours of training on specifics of sex toys and what their differences are, recommendations for those who don’t like vibration, have challenges with achieving orgasm or erections, and/ or experience painful penetration, along with all kinds of other things. That's to say at GFH, the staff are trained to be attuned to what you need.

We can also help you better understand specific functions of toys such as why you might wish to have a dildo with or without a head, what makes toys with one button so frustrating, why natural lubes are not necessarily the best choice for those with sensitive skin, or the best toys to build pleasure and comfort towards anal.

If you get your sex toys from a pharmacy, airport boutique, or a bookstore, the staff will likely not be very knowledgeable about the differences between toys and only carry a limited number of brands. 

Additionally, customers might also feel more self-conscious asking a staff member in a bookstore about sexual pleasure when someone in the next aisle is shopping for a science fiction novel. For those shopping online, non-sex shops such as Amazon and Indigo do not have interactive ways to help compare products or make a decision such as an online chat or email or video appointments. They may have reviews; however, as we explored up above, those reviews may be fake and reviewers don't usually compare the specific items you might be considering. With a knowledgeable staff member helping you out, you're guaranteed to leave the store satisfied, unlike if you buy from an online store without the proper assistance, or from a non-sex shop whose staff don't have the intimate knowledge and training to be able to properly assist you.

Touch and Feel

Since sex toys are (usually) non-returnable, the closest we can get to knowing what a toy looks and feels like is by handling a demo model in-store. If you want to visit a sex store in Toronto, Good For Her has products on the shelves you can turn on and feel in your hands. You can pick up different options and compare them in terms of size, softness, power, comfort in your hand, flexibility and aesthetics. Sex toys that come in tamper-proof sealed packaging and are returnable allow you to get a better idea of visual size and shape, but you're still missing out on many of the qualities of a toy that you can't account for without actually seeing and touching the toy. 

Thoughtful Curation

There are now countless brands and types of sex toys on the market. The choices for even a basic toy can feel overwhelming!

Shopping at a Toronto sex shop like GFH, you can be assured that one of our staff has tried each dildo, vibrator, lubricant, or anal toy for functionality. We use their feedback to help us curate the best selection of a diversity of options at different sexual desires, all without breaking the bank.

Shop Local

Small local businesses are what make our neighbourhoods what they are, and keep our economies vibrant. Purchasing from a small independent business means that the money you spend keeps staff employed who can then in turn support their neighbouring restaurant and bookstores, and so on, as the benefit multiplies. Local businesses also pays taxes that support the infrastructure of the town or city, and give back to the community. And your money helps contribute to that.

So, if you've got the option, shop local, and try toys out. And if you have to order online, make sure you order from a knowledgeable shop that has honest reviews, and an online store infrastructure that allows you to be able to ask questions, so you can feel good about spending your money on your new favourite toy!