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BadAss Canes Kobo Junior Dragon 24" x 3/8" Rattan Cane
BadAss Canes Kobo Junior Dragon 24" x 3/8" Rattan Cane

BadAss Canes Kobo Junior Dragon 24" x 3/8" Rattan Cane

Natural Blond

Rattan canes are known for their responsiveness, warmth and fire-like strike, but it's been a while since we've had the classic rattan cane here at Good For Her. We'd been searching high and low for a top quality maker and then, in walked BadAss Canes. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, BadAss Canes believes that toys are meant for play, not for show -- designed for function, not fashion. (Although we happen to think that they're quite fashionable indeed!) 

Measuring in at 24" long and 3/8" thick, Kobo Junior Dragon is the iconic rattan cane with a natural blond colour and thrice coated in tung oil for a silky smooth piece of nature's will in the palm of your hands. 

PLEASE NOTE: thin rattan canes are a finesse tool and will break if used carelessly. They are not forgiving. Use them as an artist would play a fine violin and you will enjoy all of its subtle qualities, but wield a thin rattan cane like a baseball bat and it play a sadder tune.

Swishing a cane sharply in the air can cause breakage at the handle, whereas striking with more than about 3 inches of cane past the landing zone will cause breakage near the tip. Too much follow through after a stroke has landed will force an extreme curve which can also break the instrument. 

Each cane features:
- 6 inches of our "Red Butt" handle for a non-slip, comfortable grip, even after hours of play.
- Skin/Bark on, a rougher surface, but all the joys of a perfectly natural product. These natural rattan canes are NOT as straight as a ruler!
- These Dragon canes are fully sealed with the right amount of humidity enclosed. You never have to soak them!
- Rounded ends, no unintended cuts from sharp edges.
- Natural Rattan colour, clear finished in three coats of Tung oil.
- This is a "Finesse" tool - meant for light, refined strokes, not baseball swinging.