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5 Sex Toys for Casual Sex

5 Sex Toys for Casual Sex

More play, more pleasure! Get playful during casual sex by adding in sex toys. When you’re hooking up, sex toys can be a great way to get curious about giving pleasurable sensations to your partner. Having sexy tools to share with a partner can mean more intense sensations and more possibilities for more erogenous zones. Some people enjoy using their favourite sex toys during casual sex because they know what sensations bring them pleasure from their own masturbation. 


Wand style vibrators can be used on any body. They have long handles, a broad head and usually deliver rumbly, powerful vibrations. They are for external use only. The powerful vibrations of wands like the Hitachi Magic Wand are amazing for giving indirect stimulation to internal hot spots like the G-spot/area and the prostate. 

Here are some ideas for how to use wand vibrators during partnered sex:

  • Use a wand when lying face to face with a new partner by holding it between their thighs and grinding against it
  • Try wands on perineums during oral sex
  • Turn solid toys like dildos or non-vibrating butt plugs into vibrating toys by holding a wand against their base
  • Give an actual neck or back massage with a wand as sensual build up or as part of after sex care
  • Receiving partners with a vulva can hold a wand against their clitoris or mons pubis during penetration to add external stimulation
  • Stimulate the many nerve ends of the butthole by massaging it with a wand
  • Put on a masturbation show for your partner — take turns using the wand and use a condom on the head of the wand if you want to use a barrier

Smaller sized wand vibrators like Le Wand Petite rechargeable massager don’t necessarily mean less power. You might prefer a smaller wand because they are lighter in weight (making them easier to hold for some people) or because you want something to use on smaller hot spots. The Palm Power wand vibrator is another smaller option — great for travelling to your booty call!

Curved Vibrators

Vibrators with curves are awesome for internal stimulation of G and P-spots. Prostate vibrators are designed with a flared base so you can safely use it in the anus. Curved vibrators help take some of the guesswork out of finding internal spots because they are curved ergonomically to maximize contact with the anterior internal wall of the vagina and the prostate. 

  • Use a curved vibrator like Pillow Talk Racy G Spot Vibrator on it’s own or on your partner when you’re giving oral sex on a vulva
  • Use a prostate stimulator like the Lelo Loki Wave anally on it’s own or during oral sex on a penis to add anal stimulation
  • Try curved vibrators, like the Mood Frisky G Spot Orchid Vibrator, externally too - they fit great into crevices like between the labia or butt cheeks to provide broad sensation vibration
  • The Njoy Pure Wand doesn’t vibrate, but it is made of stainless steel and is curved perfectly for internal stimulation of G and P spots. It has two different sizes on either end. Use it in a rocking motion on a partner or invite them to put on a show for you. 

Nipple Sex Toys

Almost everyone has nipples but not everyone loves them played with. Casual sex can sometimes be a fun opportunity to try something new and engage other erogenous zones to increase relaxation and full body arousal. For tips on nipple play check out our blog post.

Nipple clamps can be mild or mean depending on the tension. Choose clamps with adjustable tension and vibration like these or explore nipple suction toys


Casual sex might make you feel adventurous and kinky — restraints are fun for bringing role play and erotic dominance and submission to life. While rope bondage requires more skill and safety knowledge, using cuff-style restraints that are quickly released can be used easily by beginners. Restraints don’t have to be the centre of the scene if you’re not into role play, you can enjoy restraining or being restrained by your partner to add a new flavour to sexy things you already like. For example, try oral sex with a partners ankles or legs restrained. Establish a safe system or safe word to alert an end to the bondage when it’s no longer comfortable or desired. 

Massage Oil

Casual sex doesn’t mean you can’t get sensual. Oily massages are great for:

  • Getting to know a person’s body and how they respond to touch, pressure and speed
  • Creating skin to skin contact to get arousal building — try edible massage bars that melt when rubbed on the body
  • External massages to anuses, nipples, vulvas and penises
  • Rubbing massage oil on both people’s chests and creating an oily and silky reason to rub against each other
  • Exploring CBD oils, try Foria Intimacy CBD Massage Oil
  • Massage candles are great for setting the mood with a change in lighting and the warm, melted oil can help relax the receiver

Sharing Sex Toys Safely

When sharing sex toys, the easiest way to reduce transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and bacteria is to put a condom on any sex toy coming in contact with genitals or anuses. Check out our tips for Making Safer Sex Sexier. Be sure to wash your toys between partners. Vinyl and leather wrist cuffs can be wiped clean with soap and warm water.