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What can CBD do for my sex life?

What can CBD do for my sex life?

There are some really interesting ways people are reporting increasing their pleasure by using CBD during solo sex, partnered sex, or using sex toys to alter physical and emotional sensations. 

Your body makes its own natural receptor system for cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids. Inhaling, eating, or applying cannabis topically will allow cannabinoids to enter and bind in your system. THC will get you high because it is psychoactive. CBD typically will not get you head high, but provide more of an overall sense of relaxation both physically and mentally. 

What does CBD do for sex?

Research has shown there are a lot of receptors for those compounds in areas of our brain that are responsible for sexual function. While research is growing, the impacts of CBD and sex aren’t fully documented. We know from some studies and anecdotal research that CBD can:

  • Increase blood flow - which can create enhanced sensitivity and receptiveness to sensation.
  • Provide pain relief  - during or post-sex by relaxing muscles and the mind.
  • Boost your mood - CBD can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. For some people, this mood boost is also an arousal boost. 
  • While there isn’t a lot of research on it, some anecdotal reports show CBD being helpful for erectile dysfunction because it improves blood flow. ED is complex and not always related to blood flow alone. 

How to use CBD in the bedroom?


  • Weed lube
  • Try out a weed lube for masturbation or partnered sex. This one is CBD-based in MCT oil, so if you’re using latex barriers like condoms or gloves then these lubes are not compatible with latex. Sensitiva makes a water-based CBD lube that is compatible with condoms.

  • Bath bombs
  • CBD bath bombs infused your bath and allow you to literally soak in the CBD. You also benefit from the relaxation of the bath, which can be a great preparation for partnered or solo sex. 

  • Cannabis-infused oil
  • This arousal oil is infused with CBD and has a silky texture and can be used on specific hotspots like nipples, clitorises or penises to increase sensitivity to sensation. For a lightly-scented CBD massage oil experience, try Foria’s Intimacy CBD Massage Oil available in lavender or lemongrass. 

    • Give a massage. Focus on one area like genitals or explore under-serviced erogenous zones like hands, ears, inner thighs, backs of knees and work your way to the hotter spots as your partner starts to relax. 
    • Post-sex soothing. Use CBD infused massage oil post-sex on the anus or vagina to decrease post-sex soreness.


  • CBD edibles
  • You can try CBD chocolates, gummies, non-alcoholic drinks, candies, and more. Consuming CBD through edibles means that you will have to wait for your system to digest and feel the effects of CBD. High On Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint is a sexy and playful way to explore a topical and edible CBD infusion!

  • Oral sprays
  • CBD oral sprays are usually faster than CBD edibles. Most sprays are based in an MCT oil and vary in concentration.

  • Smoking or vaping
  • CBD flower, shatter and vape oil can be smoked or vaped. Some people prefer this method because it’s fast acting and you have more control over the onset of the effects because it happens within a few seconds. 

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    Written for GFH by Luna Matatas