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All Your Watersports Questions, Answered

All Your Watersports Questions, Answered

Watersports, golden showers, urophilia, piss play... you may already have an immediate and passionate answer to the question to pee or not to pee. Or maybe you’re like many of us who are somewhere along the continuum of curiosity of pee sex. To help you decide to pee or not to pee, read on to explore watersports fantasies.

What’s hot about pee play?

Many people find watersports sexy because it can involve a greater sense of sensual intimacy by receiving a fluid directly from inside their partner’s body.

Other people find that seeing someone drink or their urine is a demonstration of adoration and acceptance for what their body has produced. And then there are others who enjoy the playfulness that comes with doing something taboo — being naughty for doing something you’re not supposed to do but you’ve found someone to do it consensually with.

Pee play fantasies could be about:

  • Dominance and submission
  • Sensation play
  • Roleplay
  • Body worship
  • Humiliation
  • Sensuality
  • Taboo
  • And more!

It’s helpful to figure out what’s hot about watersports for you and your partner. Think about what does and doesn’t turn you on about it: are there particular things you want to feel, and what kinds of scenarios do you imagine when you fantasize about it? For example, watersports is the general category for pee play, but golden showers refers to one person peeing on another person. 

How can I talk about my watersports fantasy?

Feeling shame about your fantasy might make it hard to talk with your partner about your watersports fantasy. 

Use these tips for talking about your fantasy:

    • Approach with no pressure. ‘I want you to pee on me’ is different from ‘Hey babe, would you be open to chatting about our fantasies sometime?' Try to approach with curiosity instead of as a request. What can you learn about each other by talking about this fantasy?
    • Flesh out the fantasy. Watersports is the activity — but what is the rest of the fantasy? Paint a picture: what are the positions? What are you feeling? What is your partner feeling? (e.g. power, fear, adoration, embarrassment). Reading erotica can help flesh out your desires.
    • Give your partner space. They may need time to digest and think about their own desires. They might want to do some research together or alone. 
    • Accept no peacefully. You might be really passionate and excited about this fantasy but if your partner is not open to it for whatever reason, keep communication open to decide together how you can manage this desire. For example you might hire a sex worker or simulate watersports or use part of the fantasy in another way (e.g. dominance and submission).
    • Talk about safety. Like other body fluids (e.g. semen or vaginal fluids), urine has the potential to transmit existing sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia. It also can carry medications from the giver to the receiver. Have a conversation about your sexual health status and what types of activities you’re considering for pee play. Wearing urine, like during a golden shower, or drinking urine have different risk levels.

What if I’m into it but my partner isn’t?

It’s ok to have different fantasies and desires from your partner. And it’s easy to have shame about our fantasies that are different from our partners. You don’t have to be into everything your partner is into and no one is obligated to fulfill your fantasies, so focus the conversation on curiosity and exploring each other’s erotic imaginations — you might discover other ways that you can explore similar themes if watersports is off the menu. 

You may have a partner that is into pee play, and you may not be turned on by it or be ambivalent about it — but you’re turned on by your partner’s pleasure. If you both consent to try watersports, this doesn’t mean you have to do it every time you have sex. It can be a special part of your play that is inspired by the mood that you’re in. You can also get creative and find ways to integrate pee play into your sexy time without drinking or wearing it. For example, one person holding the other person’s penis while they are urinating into the toilet or kissing while one person is sitting down to pee.

How can I get started with watersports?

Like other fetishes and kink, you can choose to pair watersports with sexy things you already like and get creative with your roleplay. For example if you’re into shower sex, take your piss play into the shower with you. If watersports is about the sensations of warmth and wetness, you could try playing with warm water, warming massage oils or a massage candle

Put down a sex blanket or disposable puppy training pads if you want to protect the surface you’re playing on. 

It's all about finding things both you and your partner are comfortable with, and making sure you keep your communication open.