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Anal Sex and Cannabis: What You Need to Know

Anal Sex and Cannabis: What You Need to Know

Are you curious about weed and anal sex? Does cannabis get your butt high? Does weed make anal better? There’s a lot of buzz around weed and pleasure because of the promise of less pain and stress and more pleasure and sensation. There’s a lot to explore and it can be overwhelming to figure out what’s best for you — and booty! 

Cannabis sex products like weed lubes and sensual oils are one way to add weed into your sex life. The intensity of the effects of cannabis can vary depending on the method you use, the strength of the cannabis, your tolerance and personal experience. If you’re new to weed and sex, read Everything You Want to Know About Pot and Pleasure

What does cannabis do for sex?

Cannabis is a vasodilator, which means that it opens up blood vessels and promotes blood flow—which are awesome conditions for arousal and increasing the body’s receptivity to sensation. Your body makes its own natural receptor system for cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids. Research has shown there are a lot of receptors for those compounds in areas of our brain that are responsible for sexual function.  

Some people may use cannabis as a way to promote expansion of their imagination in an erotic space to get more sexually creative. Feeling more relaxed and comfortable from weed might decrease any inhibitions and make you feel more creatively inspired, playful, and curious during masturbation

Inhaling, eating, or applying cannabis topically will allow cannabinoids to enter and bind in your system. Research has shown there are a lot of endocannabinoid receptors for cannabis compounds in areas of our brain that are responsible for sexual function. 

Does weed get your butt high?

Yes and no. You can choose to use cannabis and cannabis products that don’t contain any psychoactive compounds. THC will get you high because it is psychoactive. If you do use products with THC in them, keep in mind that the rectum speeds up the absorption process due to the high amount of capillaries and blood vessels in that area. 

CBD typically will not get you head high, but provide more of an overall sense of relaxation both physically and mentally. Many CBD-only products exist, here are some of our favs:

While research is growing, the impacts of CBD and sex aren’t fully documented. We know from some studies and anecdotal research that CBD can:

  • Increase blood flow - which can create enhanced sensitivity and receptiveness to sensation.
  • Provide pain relief  - during penetration or post-sex by relaxing muscles and the mind.
  • Boost your mood - CBD can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. For some people, this mood boost is also an arousal boost. 

How can I explore cannabis and anal?

If you’re new to anal sex, read Ten Tips for More Anal Pleasure. If you’re experienced with anal sex, check out these advanced booty play tips.

  • Start where you’re comfortable with cannabis and anal. If you’re new to cannabis, try a CBD lube or massage oil and give your butthole a massage and maybe use a vibrator against it for external stimulation. 
  • Try a CBD lube or sensual oil for internal pleasure by using fingers or slim butt plugs, or a lube applicator. Use of the increased blood flow for enhanced sensations and try rimming or prostate pleasure.
  • Give a body massage with cannabis-infused massage oils - more relaxation is always better for more booty pleasure!
  • Explore sensation enhancement, especially if using THC suppositories or THC lubes, with glass butt plugs or a stainless steel butt plug, warming lubes or prostate massagers.
  • Try using a CBD massage oil for anal aftercare to try to reduce soreness and/or tissue inflammation. 
  • CBD suppositories might help you explore new sensations, like vibrating butt plugs, or depths with larger butt plugs or bigger dildos

Always use a good quality and lasting lube for anal penetration - if your weed lube isn’t up to the task, use both a high quality lube with your weed lube! Support whatever is going to bring less chance of injury and more pleasure possibilities.