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Giving the gift of sex toys

Giving the gift of sex toys

If you’re thinking about bringing some sex toy joy this holiday season we have some tips that could make your sex toy gifts a hit!

Giving the gift of sex toys can be intimidating. You might be worried that your receiver might not like the sex toy or might be embarrassed by the gift. These are possibilities, but it’s also very likely they will be excited about it. Some people are shy to buy sex toys for themselves or maybe you know they have a specific toy on their wish list. You’ll have to gauge whether or not a sex toy is appropriate in the context of your relationship to the receiver. 

If you’re really unsure, you can also just ask! Here are some ways to still keep your gift a surprise:

  • Hey, I know we’ve talked about how fun sex toys are — I’m thinking about gifting you one, would that be weird or welcomed?
  • I was shopping online for sex toys and I thought of you, would you like to make a wish list off this site and I can surprise you with a sex toy from your list!
  • Can we try something different this year for our gifts? How would you feel about us gifting each other sex toys?

If you’ve never shopped for sex toys yourself, check out Everything You Need To Know About Shopping for a Vibrator.

Keep the sex toy simple

You might be tempted to gift your friend sex furniture, but instead aim for toys that aren’t too big or cumbersome, and that can be used in multiple places on the body. For example, unless you know they love dildos, you might be better off getting a wand style vibrator that brings powerful sensations to multiple parts of the body. 

Here are seven sex toy gift ideas under $100:

Bullet vibes are great because they are discrete, can get into crevices like the sides of the clitoris or be used on smaller parts of the body like testicles and nipples. 

Vibrators with curved heads are great for external or internal stimulation. They can be used on vulvas, penises, testicles, perineums, nipples and more. The curved head gives you the option for internal stimulation of prostates and G-spots.

This dildo is made of body safe materials, can be suctioned to a surface and has a curved head that’s great for P-spot or G-spot pleasure. It is also harness compatible. 

Glass dildos are visually beautiful and can be used for temperature play. These are great gifts for the friend that has lots of sex toys.

The word ‘clamps’ sometimes makes this sex toy intimidating because of the idea of pain or torment. The nipples are a nerve rich area, so these vibrating nipple clamps with tension adjustments can be used for sensation without pain.

The classic plug shape is perfect for beginners and the longer stem makes it comfortable for experts who’d like to leave it in while they indulge in other pleasures. The best feature of all is the round, hollow base which has an ingenious dual function: you can use it as a convenient handle or slip in your favorite mini-vibe to take your pleasure levels over the top.

Looking for high-end and luxury sex toys?

These three are made of high quality materials, with long-lasting motors and good warranties:

Consider sexy — but not sex toy — gifts

Explore collars, cuffs and lingerie as sexy gifts. Think about what colours and textures your receiver might enjoy. Explore these sensual gift ideas:

Or increase their pleasure knowledge with some expert books:

If erotica feels appropriate, erotic books are a treat. 

Make sure you’re purchasing body-safe toys, and if the toy requires batteries — gift the batteries too! If you’re really unsure about what to get, gift your receiver a gift card so they can get exactly what they'd like!


Written for GFH by Luna Matatas