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How to Get Your Room Sex Ready

How to Get Your Room Sex Ready
Written for GFH by Luna Matatas


The space you’re in can influence the state of mind you’re in. Changing up your space to create a sexier environment might even inspire a sexier mood! Your senses are always roaming during the day helping you interact with your environment, so why not feed your senses something deliberately sensual? With a bit of work, you can set up your space to feel more relaxing to help you sink into sexiness. 

Being in a shared space all day can also make it more challenging to shift your mindset from work to play. Whether you’re having a masturbation session or having sex with a partner, here are some ideas for making your room sex ready: 

Set the mood

Think about the sounds, textures, scents, and visuals that inspire you to feel sexy. Changing the ambiance of the room through massage candles or dim lighting can help begin the relaxation process. Other ideas for turning up the sexiness in a room include:

  • Remove/turn off all screens in the room or put your notifications on 'silent.'
  • Colours: change your sheets, throws, or pillows to a colour or texture that is different than your normal bedtime sheets.
  • Explore scents like incense, scented candles, or relaxation room sprays
  • Lay out lingerie or sex toys as an invitation
  • Create a sexy playlist of music to seduce your aural senses

If you have the option and privacy, experiment with starting sex in a room other than the bedroom. For example, can you make a shower sexy by adding candlelight? 

Accessorize with sexcessories

Sex toys and ‘sexcessories’ don’t have to always be tucked away out of sight. You don’t have to scramble to bring them out when the time is right. In preparing your bedroom for to be sex ready, consider taking out vibrators, blindfolds, and cuffs to accent your room. 

Put a dildo on the nightstand, hang a feather tickler on your headboard, or create a butt plug display on your dresser. Get playful with using your sex toy collection as props to upgrade the sexiness in the room. 

Consider putting out sex pillows or sex cushions that can be used to help support body positions during sex. Sex cushions are great for helping to create different angles that can maximize pleasure during sex. 

Prepare for a sexy mess

Prepare for a sexy mess in your bedroom! Instead of having to worry about a potential mess later, get into a carefree state of mind by gathering everything you might need to manage (and create!) the sexy mess:

Change your energy from day to play

  • Get groomed for dinner. Give yourself and your partner permission to get cute for no reason other than delighting each other. Changing your clothes can help create a separation between parts of the day. Dress up for dinner together. 
  • Read an erotic story or listen to erotic audio together while snuggling up to give your erotic imagination something to feed on.
  • You can explore using candles as communication, discuss what it means if one of you lights the candle in the room. For example, light a massage candle to let your partner know you’re in the mood to give or receive massages. 
  • Offer to give a non-sexual massage. Exchange massages to relax non-sexual hot spots like your hands, feet, or scalp. There are lots of nerve endings that can be stimulated in these areas through massage. Try using a massage roller or an edible massage bar.
  • Explore roleplay. Trying erotic roleplay with your partner can help inspire you to step outside of your daytime personality (and headspace). You might find it easier to get into a sexy state of mind as a bunny, leather daddy, or dragon! 

Getting your room sex ready can be a ritual that helps warm you up into a sexy mood. For some people, a sexier physical space invites their erotic imagination to wake up. Treat your sex ready room as an invitation to relax, get intimate, and play!