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One Button or Two: Does It Make a Difference?

One of the great functions of a vibrator is its buttons. Some have a dial from low to high, others have a push button with discrete settings such as low, medium and high or up to 10 power settings, and more and more toys also now have pulse functions as well (rhythms like the morse code of on and off such as “short, short, long”, repeated).

One underappreciated feature in vibrators however is the presence of TWO buttons. Why might you want two? One for up and the other for down. If you have ever taken a vibrator to a higher speed and then realized that it was too much, you know why you want a down button! You might on occasion find yourself with too much of a buzz and want to be able to tame the vibe back down to a speed that agrees more with your sensitive bits. Because sensitive bits don’t generally like to be over-stimulated. So if you are debating between two awesome toys and which one might be the best for you, a one vs. two button option might be the consideration to tip the scale in the right direction for you. (And if not, feel free to drop by to have a look and feel with your hands, or call or email while you are looking online.) Because it can be really frustrating to push the button several times until you achieve your desired speed, only to realize too late that you’ve gone one too far. You then have to go all the way through to the last function at the end and start back at the beginning again, counting the number of pushes (slightly distracting from the sexiness of the situation) until you hit just the right setting- which sometimes takes more than one try… A second button can mean that missing the right settling is only one button press away rather than eight. And it reduces the frustration of not getting exactly what you want when you want it. Because frustration rarely leads to more arousal and pleasure in most people. Simply put, an extra button that takes you down the same way you got up is a beautiful thing.

And sometimes there are more than two buttons for added pulsations or as an  on/off button as the Fun Factory rechargeable line of toys has. Of course too much of a good thing can be simply too much. Most customers find that too many buttons or ones that are not intuitive becomes cumbersome and takes all of the fun and sexiness out of the experience.

Many vibrators with two motors have two buttons- but they each just control their own motor, which is great for control of separate parts but does not address the up and down option. So be sure before you buy!

So in case you are wondering, our two-or-more button faves include