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The Nova’s Brilliant Design

Dual stimulation toys are awesome. Who doesn’t love two-for-the-price-of-one? The Rabbit was the first style of dual toy, and then many rabbit-less dual branch options such as the Ina 2 arose as a simpler option without the twirling shaft and the tingly ears. The most common complaint about these toys though is that the smaller clitoral branch is not long enough to get to the right spot on the clit. The second most common complaint is that the internal shaft is too long and  bangs the cervix uncomfortably. We-Vibe has just solved both those issues in one swoop. As you can see with the picture, We-Vibe’s Nova has a branch that curls up and around, making it longer and impossible to miss the clitoris. The flexibility also means it is easy to use a varied amount of pressure on the clit, which is great because some like a gentle tickling sensation and others prefer a jackhammer type of intensity. Whatever your preference, the Nova will deliver.

Secondly, the internal branch of the Nova is not very long, so that even while thrusting with abandon, the longer vaginal branch will stay clear of most cervixes. While some folks love stimulation in that area, most of us prefer to stay away from it, especially with firm toys. And you can angle the shaft forwards towards the G-spot for focused G-spot stimulation and still hit the clitoris. So the Nova offers cervical-free pleasure with guaranteed  clitoral intensity.

Finally, all We-Vibe toys now come with the We-Connect app, so you can control. the toy from across the room or around the world. The solo or partnered options are endless.

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