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Say Hello to Loki Wave!

Prostate toys are all the rage! More and more people of all orientations and persuasions and their partners are becoming more open to prostate play. The Loki Wave is a new and innovative prostate toy. Using LELO technology, the two branches move towards each other, putting pressure on both the prostate on the inside and the perineum on the outside. Essentially it gives the classic “come here” motion that feels so great on the P-spot (or G-spot!). It is an easy, fabulous way to massage yourself or for a partner to assist you in playing with your butt. Great for people who don’t want to insert their fingers inside as you can simply hold the handle and let the toy do all the work. Also great for those who love the amazing sensations of the Njoy Pure Wand but  want added vibration on their erogenous zones.

The buttons take a little bit of advance play in order to get the correct functioning figured out (don’t want to push the wrong one when you are close to orgasm!) The Loki Wave has a generous girth- meaning that if you need to be comfortable with at least two fingers inserted before embarking on the Loki Wave adventure. But with plenty of warm-up and lubrication anyone can enjoy its fabulous sensations.