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Solo Sex Toys for Every Body

Solo Sex Toys for Every Body

May is Masturbation month! Actually, any time is great for solo pleasure—however, May is the special time of year when we like to celebrate the pleasure we can offer to our own bodies even more. And right now those of us who live alone or isolated due to COVID-19 are limited to solo pleasure—although some of us are engaging in solo pleasure over phone and video as well. Masturbation is healthy for our mental, physical, and sexual health, so in these trying times, it is a great activity for escape, release, feeling pleasure, self-love, and self-exploration

The great thing about incorporating sex toys during solo pleasure is that we can enjoy multiple points of stimulation at the same time: butt plugs are designed to be held by the sphincter muscles, nipple clamps can be clamped, vibrating toys can be secured in place with a harness, and suction-cup toys can be anchored to the right spot on the wall. The following are some fun ways that sex toys can make masturbation (more) memorable and satisfying. Because you deserve it and it’s always okay to play!

Sensation and Kink Toys

Just because you’re by your lonesome doesn’t mean you have to go straight for the finale. Gentle sensations that feel great during partnered play also feel great during solo play. Indulge in textures and use fun toys like the Pleasure Feather, contrasted with the Wartenberg Pinwheel. Relax with a Massage Glove. Use a small flogger for gentle dragging along the body or more intense rhythmic pulses as you wave it in a circle against nipples, vulva, or other parts that feel good. Drag a small flogger along your body, or wave it in circles across your nipples, vulva, or other parts of your body that elicit a shiver along your skin. Drip hot wax along with spots that like intense heat. 

Expand your repertoire and your horizons, and have fun by being adventurous and having fun with your toys!

Vibrating Toys

Vibrators aren’t just for vaginas and clitorises: that's an outdated sex toy myth. Now more than ever, sex toys come in just as many different shapes and sizes as there are shapes and sizes of bodies, and you can find one that works for your needs. And what’s even better: toys that are traditionally designed for one type of pleasure or on specific body part can, with some creativity, be used for other body parts like nipples, butts, testicles, and penises.

Vibrators are the most common sex toys sold online and in our store in Toronto. The power of vibrators does a lot of the hard work for you, increasing the intensity of stimulation to the right spot. Long and thin toys such as the LELO Liv 2 or Velvet Touch, can be used on the vulva, clitoris, nipples, outside of the butt (with a condom for easy clean-up), and nipples, as well as rolled around or up and down the shaft of the penis, or against the frenulum. You can even massage the flat part gently against the testicles or along the perineum. 

Toys that have a larger area of contact, such as wand-style toys or the JeJoue MimiSoft touch more nerve endings than their smaller counterparts, bringing additional intensity to any part of the body where they’re used. Of course, the power of wand-style vibrators is particularly intense, which makes them a great choice for those who need that extra strength, such as those whose pleasure is affected by side-effects of medications, by stress, distraction, depression and/ or anxiety, or those whose bodies just need more intensity to feel pleasure. 

If you’re looking for hands-free solo pleasure, a Forge Harness can keep a wand-style vibrator in place. 

Vibrators are diverse: powerful or gentle, hard or soft, single or dual stimulation, classic vibrating or newer air-pressure styles, large or small, rechargeable or battery-operated, one or multiple buttons, and more. For more help on choices, read our guide to shopping for a vibrator.

Vibrators are for Penises, Too!

Vibrators for penises are awesome because they can be used with or without an erection. The Miracle Massager, an attachment for Magic Wands, has an opening with a variety of ripples and ribs on the inside—combined with the power of the wand, making arousal and pleasure that much easier. 

Alternatively, the Hot Octopuss toys have a vibrating plate that stimulates the frenulum and can be used with or without an erection, lubrication, or stroking. Not only are these toys fun for solo play, but using them can help boost our confidence, and help us get better in touch with our partners.

And once you can be intimate with a partner, you can explore the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo, which has an additional vibrating area on the top that enables a partner to enjoy their own vibration—controlled by a remote—at the same time. The couple can feel a level of intimacy and pleasure similar to that of intercourse without needing an erection. The toy also works well for couples where the partner has vaginismus or finds vaginal or anal penetration painful. You can control where best the vibration sensations are concentrated outside of the body.

Other Penis Toys

Sleeves and strokers are penis toy options that offer more intense and varied pleasure than what a hand can do alone. For example: the FlipHole Zero and Tenga Orange Crash provide ribbing and adjustable pressure for new, exciting stimulation. 

If you’re looking for milder sensations, the Air-Tech sleeves are great options. Meanwhie, a vacuum pump can simulate oral pleasure by sucking air out of the vacuum and in turn, rising blood in the penis, and filling the vacuum. And with the vacuum pump you can pump and release and pump and release to your heart’s content. Like many toys, these are great for those who experience trouble maintaining an erection. 

Don’t be afraid to practice delaying ejaculation or explore maintaining an erection with a penis ring. Not only will it help you maintain an erection in the moment, but it can help you learn new techniques that you can explore with your partner.

Smaller Strokers

For those who were born with a vagina and have a clitoris or penis enhanced by taking testosterone—such as FTMs, transmasculine and non-binary folks—the Buck-off and the Shotpocket enable stroking and suction sensations in compact sizes. The Kiss-X has a smaller opening, and, in general, is better for those not taking testosterone.


Dildos are primarily for penetration, and, unlike vibrators—well, they don’t vibrate. 

They can be used anally or vaginally by apply pressure or with in-out, in-out motions, and people with prostates can enjoy anal penetration that targets the prostate as well as giving pleasure to the anus and rectum. Using a dildo vaginally, you can enjoy targeting the G-spot, cervix, and other sensitive areas in the vagina or the perineal sponge and anus from anal penetration. 

Most people start with softer dildos such as silicone-based dildos for the pleasure of thrusting motions. Silcone is non-porous, which means not only does it not absorb sexual fluids and lubricants, but it also glides easier and is much easier to clean.

There’s also dual-density toys such as the VixSkin line, which are extra soft, giving you a more realistic feeling, like a penis, and a gentler pressure on the cervix.

Those who like pressure on their G-spots or prostate and prefer less vigorous movements might choose something more firm such as glass or metal. Many of these toys have two different ends such as the Purple Rain or Njoy Fun Wand, which means that you get two toys in one: for different levels of arousal, different moods, different partners, different penetration points (vaginal/G-spot or cervix vs. anal/prostate or perineal sponge). 

Then there’s toys that have more ribs, such as the Steady, which means you can use less effort than a smooth toy and stroke more slowly.

Some dildos even have a suction cup so you can put them on a flat, non-porous surface for easy self-stimulation. And any dildo with a flat base can be attached to a harness strapped to a chair for a similar experience. 

Try something new and read our complete guide to shopping for a dildo here.

Anal Toys

Anal pleasure is an option that anyone can enjoy, and the myth that only gay men like anal pleasure has been debunked by many prostate-owners who have discovered expanded pleasure. And solo pleasure is a great way to find out for yourself not only whether you enjoy anal sex, but how.

Anal sex toys are especially helpful for masturbation because it’s so hard to stimulate the butt using our hands only. 

There’s many, many options—some like anal beads that stimulate the anal sphincter to open and close as they are gently and slowly pulled out, whilst others prefer a plug that does just that—stays in place and “plugs” like the Fuze Pleasure Plug series

Because the anus is so sensitive, any subtle movement of the body can be felt intensely as the toy gently shifts in place, giving you hands-free stimulation. Don’t be afraid to use plugs in tandem while pleasuring other parts of the body such as the penis, vagina, or clitoris. You can also use plugs to train their anus to feel comfortable with larger and larger items of penetration. Don’t be afraid to get a bit adventurous and enjoy the sensation of anal plugs while doing mundane tasks such as reading, or doing the dishes! 

There’s also options like the The Fuze Quattro and its larger sibling Triton, which are like beads and a plug all wrapped up into one convenient sex toy.

Anal toys for the prostate have a slight angle to them, similar to G-spot toys. The Mood Naughty options are great starter prostate toys while The Hugo has it all: it vibrates the prostate, anus, and the perineum all at the same time—as well as having a remote to adjust the vibrations. The We-Vibe Ditto is flexible: the bulge can be manipulated towards the front, stimulating the perineal sponge and making the vagina slightly narrower, or the bulge can be turned towards the back for stimulation primarily for the rectum and anus, depending on preference.

Read our guide to shopping for an anal toy to learn more.

Nipple Toys

You don’t have to like intense nipple sensations to enjoy nipple play. Most nipple clamps are adjustable to accommodate to your preferences—except the Clover clamps that only adjust from intense to really intense. The ones with rounded tips such as the Tweezer hold better onto nipples that protrude, while nipple clamps with flatter tips such as the Broad Tip are better for nipples that lie flat against the chest. Nipple Suckers give more of an adjustable suction sensation. 

You have a lifetime to discover what feels great and expand your options for pleasure. But now more so than ever, you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. So what better way to use it than with some sex toy-assisted some self-love? Explore sex toys in a smorgasbord of fun, exciting, and new ways, because sex toys can be a great addition for not just solo play, but you can take what you’ve learned, and bring it into the world of partnered play as well. Experiment with what works for your unique body and desires, and have fun!