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6 Hot Ways to Explore Sex with Collars and Leashes

6 Hot  Ways to Explore Sex with Collars and Leashes

Written for GFH by Luna Matatas

Collars and leashes, like handcuffs and blindfolds, are fun sex accessories to bring into the bedroom. Collars and leashes might add to a roleplay you have with your partner or they might evoke specific sexy feelings in you from your fantasies of submission and dominance.

So, here are 6 ways to explore sex with collars and leashes:


Collars and leashes can be used as part of role plays that involve consensual dominance and submission. The collar and leash can be symbolic, for example, designating who is the submissive and who is the dominant. They can also be functional erotic toolsthe leash might be used to lead the submissive around to control their movements. 


Roleplaying pets like cows, puppies, cats, or ponies can be a sexy way to get into primal feelings. The role play involves performing characteristics of animals, like noises or movements, and can include pet-like behaviour like being on a leash, being walked or being controlled. 


There is an erotic appeal to leather collars and leashes for some people. The smell, feel, and/or look of a leather collar and leather leash might add to your arousal or it might be an important part of your fantasy. 


Erotic discipline is a form of consensual power exchange that can involve punishments, like spanking, and rewards, like affection. Collars and leashes can be used as a way to signify an erotic training scene where the dominant is an authority figure holding the leash. 


Leashes can be a part of erotic play that involves bondage or restraints. Keep in mind, though, to not anchor leashes to objects that could easily topple over or movelike chairs or doors. Leashes need to have a quick release in case of an emergency. Yanking someone’s leash roughly could cause injury to their neck.

If you’re planning on restraining someone by a collar, make sure that it is a well-padded collar and does not cinch if it’s pulled on by the leash.

For a reduced risk or injury, collars and leashes can be used as ways of restricting movement. In a dominance and submission roleplay for example, a collar and leash could keep the submissive close to their dominant’s feet by being on a short leash.


Collars and leashes can be used to sybmolize erotic fantasies like humiliation, objectification, ownership, erotic service, etc. Collars can also symbolize commitment, much like wedding rings. Some people like to wear their collars all the time, so they choose a collar that looks more like jewelry. You can choose colours that are meaningful or sexy to you, too! Think about what colours or materials make you feel submissive. 


  • Learn about erotic dominance and erotic submission to get skills in communication and safety for kink and BDSM play.
  • Discuss what you both find hot about the collar and leash so you’re on the same page about the fantasy.
  • Consider any potential physical injuriesare you hitching the leash to something? Will their neck be vulnerable to abrasions or circulation loss? 
  • Discuss boundaries before the collar and leash are on.


Make the collar and leash and extension of the sexy fantasy you want to bring to the bedroom. Get inspiration from erotica or porn. Think about what sexy things you both want to happen once the collar and leash is on. Get your erotic imagination revved up and feel more confidence in your fantasy!