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5 Ways to Have Hotter Missionary Sex

5 Ways to Have Hotter Missionary Sex

Written for GFH by Luna Matatas

Is missionary a boring position? Is missionary sex doomed to be mundane? Or, are there erotic tips to make missionary sex hotter? It’s a sex position based on penetration with the partner on top giving anal or vaginal penetration with a penis or dildo to the partner on the bottom. Some people love missionary sex whilst others maybe don’t get a lot of pleasure out of it. Let's talk about spicing up missionary sex, regardless of whether you love it or not, and hopefully you can find some great tips for it.

Here are 5 Ways to Have Hotter Missionary sex:

Soak Up the Sensuality of Missionary

Missionary sex is a position that maximizes lots of erogenous zones all at once! Visually, we get to look into our partners eyes or watch their facial expressions or see our own body connecting with theirs. 

Missionary sex gives also easy access to kissing during penetration, to pressing chests together, to pinning wrists, or holding hands, and to stimulating multiple hot spots using mouths: nipples, necks, ears, and shoulders. People enjoy it for the availability of lots of skin contact which can increase sensuality, feelings of closeness and connection, and help to create multiple arousing sensations at the same time. Add a CBD Lubricant to help to relax the vagina or anus to add slipperiness and enjoy all of the sensations. 

Spice It Up With a Sex Toy!

Sex toys can bring in unique and exciting sensations to spice up regular missionary sex. Here are some ideas for sex toys to try:

  • Explore sex toys for couples that allow for penetration with a wearable vibrator inside the vagina. 
  • Play with vibrating cock rings that provide pleasure for both the wearer and the person being penetrated. 
  • Butt plugs that are comfortable to wear during penetration tend to have a flared base that is slightly curved to fit snuggly between the butt cheeks. For prostate owners, try wearable prostate sex toys that vibrate. It can be hard to adjust the power on these toys so those with a remote or We-Vibe toys that use the We-Connect app make it that much easier! 
  • Many vulva owners need clitoral stimulation in addition to penetration to reach orgasm, so adding in a powerful vibrator that can be handheld during penetration is great, especially one that focuses on clitoral stimulation. 

And remember to take care of your sexual health by cleaning your sex toys after each use and using a high-quality and body safe lube

Try anal missionary sex

Anal missionary sex is great because of the access to stimulating someone's genitals while they’re being penetrated. This combo pleasure move can help relax someone and spread out the pleasure so all the focus isn't only on the anus. 

For vulva owners, receiving anal in missionary means you can play with double penetration with dildos or fingers, and have easy access to clitoral stimulation from you, a sex toy, or your partner. For penis owners, this can be a great way to get more prostate pleasure during penetration by propping a pillow or a Liberator angled positioning support under the receiver’s pelvis.

 For the giver, you have the benefit of seeing your partner's reactions in real-time, and you can tune into non-verbal signs of discomfort or pain. For some givers, the anal missionary position allows for more power and can sort out height issues that might make positions like doggy uncomfortable or tiring. For the receiver, you get a great view of being penetrated and you can relax without having to hold your body up like in doggy style anal! 

Use pillows or sex cushions

Propping up the pelvis of the person on the bottom to create better angles for vaginal and anal penetration that maximize pleasure hot spots. 

Create angles that optimize penetration using sex cushions or folded pillows underneath the pelvis of the person being penetrated. The person penetrating with a strap-on or a penis can get deeper penetration and stimulate the prostate (anally) or G-spot (vaginally). 

Don't be afraid to experiment with the depth of anal or vaginal thrusting: for some people the extra depth feels great and for others it can be too intense. Shallower thrusting while aiming for the G-spot or prostate can feel even better for some. 

Make missionary kinky

Try missionary in bondage with ankle cuffs or wrist restraints and use rope to tie to the bed frame. Being restrained can be physically and mentally stimulating. Many enjoy the physical sensation of being constricted and relaxing control of the body. There’s also the mental and emotional stimulation from feelings of letting go, surrender, or even erotic submissionThigh slings can be used for kinky bondage moods, too. 

Ball gags and blindfolds are other ways to bring kink and missionary sex together. Ball gags and blindfolds are sensory deprivation sex toys that can increase intensity of the other senses. The person penetrating can also get their kink on with collars or a leash that their partner holds onto during missionary sex. 

Tapping into your erotic creativity doesn’t have to feel intimidating. Getting curious about ways to deepen familiar pleasure can open up even more ways to enjoy sex and get turned on!