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6 Under-serviced Hot Spots on Every Body

6 Under-serviced Hot Spots on Every Body

What are the go-to hot spots for sex that come to mind? You might be thinking of genitals, lips, butts and nipples. These are delicious spots, but what if you could discover other erogenous zones on the body? Getting curious about hot spots that are under-serviced can give us more tools and opportunities for pleasure. Under-serviced hot spots are places on the body that have the potential to create more arousal in the body, like erections, blood flow, tingles, relaxation and more, but they often aren’t given enough attention during sex. 

Here are 6 under-serviced hot spots on every body to explore:


Ears are a double hot spot because they engage both your sense of touch and your auditory senses. You can stimulate the ears with sounds like dirty talk whispers, moans of pleasure, or long soft exhales. Some people find ears too ticklish and some people can feel orgasmic from ear stimulation. Get curious about your partner’s ears using your lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers. 

Play with these ear sex techniques:

  • Trace the tip of your tongue along the outer edge of the ear — notice which spots make your partner squirm or moan.
  • Suck on the ear lobe gently, make it wet and then exhale onto it. Try sucking harder or softer. 
  • Use teeth to drag along the outline of the ear or to give a more intense sensation to ear lobes. Start slow and soft and increase pressure according to your partner’s response. 


Feet have a ton of nerve endings that can be stimulated but they often go under-serviced as an erogenous spot. Any spot where you can stimulate and produce more relaxation in the body is great. More relaxation means more openness to other erotic pleasure. Do you like to give or receive foot massages? Do you like running your toes up and down someone’s leg during a cuddle? Do you like your feet held in certain sexual positions? 

Some people have an aversion to feet or an association of an unsanitary part of the body. Washing before or even wearing hosiery can sometimes influence the relationships to foot pleasure. Giving pleasure to feet for some people can bring on vibes of submission, adoration and worship. You can go sensual or rough with feet — everything from foot massages to tickle torment to toe sucking is possible if you and your partner are curious about foot pleasure. 

Here are some tips for foot pleasure:


Hands often do a lot of the giving of pleasure to hot spots, but they are a hot spot too. Your fingertips especially have a lot of nerve endings making them sensitive to sensation. Here are some ways to stimulate hands:

  • Kiss each fingertip individually
  • Leave lingering kisses on the palms
  • Suck fingers slowly, make eye contact to intensify the sensation
  • Hand massage with a velvety massage oil

Lower back

The lower back is another nerve rich area that may enjoy intense or mild sensation depending on the person. Lower backs are a great tease and pleasure area — when you’re pleasing the lower back, you are also close to the butt and genital area. Some people also feel a sense of care, sensuality and tenderness from lower back stimulation. 

Here are some ways to delight lower backs:


Armpits are an under-service hot spot on any body. Armpits are sensitive to touch and may secrete pheromones. The scent, taste and feel of armpit sweat can be erotic for some people. You can use your face, nose, tongue and lips to nuzzle, suck and lick armpits. Try exploring with your hands with light grazes of touch while kissing the area around the shoulder and under arm. 

Pro-tip: don’t wear deodorant for armpit play or wipe it off just before. Deodorant can leave a metallic or numb feeling on the tongue. 

How to try pleasuring an under-serviced hot spot?

Sometimes when you’re exploring a new way to give or receive pleasure it can be easy to get stuck in your head. Expect to have a different arousal response than you normally do with your other hot spots — it might be more arousing or less arousing or neutral. It can take the body and mind some practice to sink into the new pleasure that’s being offered. For other people the pleasure can show up really intensely — almost too intensely — so only go as fast as the person receiving it is ready to. 

Approach a new hot spot with curiosity and with less expectation. Embrace other pleasure rewards other than orgasm, like relaxation, fun, playfulness, connection, discovery, touch, sensuality and more. The more hot spots you can turn on, the more infused your go to hot spots might be. Your ear or armpit could be another pathway to more pleasure!


Written for GFH by Luna Matatas