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Get Intimate wIth the WeVibe Unite

Get Intimate wIth the WeVibe Unite

If you’re new to incorporating sex toys into your pleasure sessions, the variety of different vibrators and dildos available can be a bit overwhelming. How can you know which one will actually work for you? 

While we all have unique needs when it comes to reaching climax, the We-Vibe Unite is the perfect vibrator to start exploring the wonderful world of sex toys with. That’s because it can be used both solo or with a partner, and it stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. It also comes with a remote, opening up all kinds of exciting possibilities for solo pleasure or play with your partner. 

Who is We-Vibe?

We-Vibe is a name you’ll become very familiar with if you spend much time shopping for sex toys, and for good reason. Founded in Ottawa in 2008, Wevibe has raised the industry bar with their wide variety of award winning toys. They also introduced hands-free toys for partnered play, making sex more pleasurable for everyone involved. Speaking of hands-free toys, let’s get into all of the juicy details about the popular We-Vibe Unite. 

Wevibe Unite Review

The Wevibe Unite is a perfect entry-level toy for bringing you and your partner closer together, since it can be worn during penetrative sex. If you’re not totally comfortable exploring solo play yet, or you just don’t really know where to start, the We-vibe Unite enables you to start exploring vibrators by incorporating it into your next session between the sheets.

Its C-shape means that both the clitoris and G-spot get stimulated by the vibration at the same time, and with 7 modes and 3 speeds to choose from, you’re sure to find a setting that feels good to you. 

It can be pleasantly stimulating for penises during penetration too, and if it doesn’t do much during penetration there are still other ways to use it to help your partner reach a toe-curling orgasm. You can use it during foreplay by running it along the shaft of the penis, around the scrotum, for anal play, or to stimulate the nipples or other erogenous zones.

We still haven’t mentioned the best part: the remote control. This allows you or your partner to control the vibrator remotely, which can make it easier to play around with different settings in the bedroom or to get playful discreetly in public.

How to Use the We Vibe Unite

The whisper-quiet motor means that you can easily wear the Wevibe in public without worrying if others will hear it, and the three meter range for the remote means your partner can take control from a distance. 

When you bring your Wevibe vibrator home you may need to charge it before using it, but once you’ve given it six hours of charging time via USB it’ll be ready for two hours of play.

You can insert the vibe and explore the different settings on your own to see which kind of stimulation does it for you, and you can also wear it during penetration to increase the intensity. It’s also safe to explore anal play with the We-Vibe Unite as long as you only insert the smaller end of the toy. Its hands-free design means once the Wevibe is inserted, you don’t need to hold it there, it will stay on its own. 

We Vibe Vibrator Tips

Particularly if you’re planning on using the We Vibe Unite during penetrative sex, you may find that lubricant makes things more pleasurable and comfortable for both you and your partner. Whether you want a cooling sensation, a warming sensation, flavours, or even weed and CBD in your lubes, there are tons of lube options to choose from that will work well with this vibrator.  

Look for a lubricant that’s either water-based or oil-based, rather than silicone-based. Most lubes these days will be either water or oil-based, so you won’t have to do much digging. Since the We-vibe Unite is made of silicone, a silicone lube can degrade the finish over time.  A hybrid lube with a hint of silicone is safe to use though. 

Is the Unite Compatible with the We-Vibe App?

No, the We-Vibe Unite isn’t compatible with the We-Vibe App. While the Unite comes with a remote, Wevibe offers other app-enable vibrators. If you and your partner enjoy the hands-free fun that comes with using Wevibe Unite, you’ll probably enjoy the increased options that come with some of We-vibe’s other app-controlled vibrators. These allow your partner to control your sex toy from a distance, which is perfect both for long-distance relationships or for those who just enjoy the thrill of remote play. 

That’s what makes the Wevibe Unite such a perfect entry-level toy: you can see how you like the hands-free aspect, as well as explore the possibilities of giving your partner control over the remote, without having to spring for a particularly expensive sex toy. 

Who is the Unite We Vibe for?

The We-Vibe Unite is perfect for:

  • Those looking to explore vibrators without splurging
  • Those with mobility or strength issues who may benefit from the hands-free design
  • Those who want to incorporate sex toys into intercourse
  • Anyone who wants a versatile, discreet toy that can be used for sexual play both in the bedroom or anywhere you’re daring enough to wear it

On the other hand, this We-Vibe vibrator may not be the best choice for:

  • People looking for very intense clitoral and/or G-spot stimulation, since other vibrators are going to be stronger
  • People who don’t enjoy penetrative sex, and may prefer a sex toy that is solely focused on external stimulation
  • People looking for more advanced features from their vibrator

We Vibe Unite Safety, Cleaning, and Storage 

The We Vibe Unite is made of splash-proof silicone, meaning that while you shouldn’t immerse it in water or bring it into the shower with you, it’s safe to get it wet. It’s also super easy to clean. Just rinse it with soap and water after each session, and store it in the satin pouch it comes with so that it stays clean until you’re ready to use it again. 

If anything does go wrong with your WeVibe Unite, it comes with a two year warranty, so you won’t be without your new favourite vibrator for long!