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Give the Gift of Good (We) Vibes: Get 50% off OR Share The Love

Give the Gift of Good (We) Vibes: Get 50% off OR Share The Love

ICYMI (aka “In case you missed it”) we’ve been running one of our best sales of the year: if you buy one of our selected We-Vibe vibrators, you can receive a second one for 50% off.  This BOGO (aka “buy one, get one”) 50% sale is something that we love (and apparently you do too 😮) and we’ve been asking ourselves something…

“Seriously, how many people are buying two vibrators at once?”

Like, we’re sure it happens. Some people like variety. Some people like a good deal. Some people have vibrator collections. After we talked about it though, we realized what’s probably happening A LOT

Friend 1: “Hey GFH has a sale going where you can get 50% off a second vibrator! I’m going to order one, do you want one too?”
Friend 2: “Oh absolutely! So you can just tell me how much I owe you after you order?”
Friend 1: “Sure, and then you can just pay me back.”

Right? Well, at least that’s what we’d do, so we’re sure some people are doing so. We wanted to make it easier for you to share the sale with your friends! 

You can just check out as normal and, within 72 hours, we’ll email you a special discount code for 50% off one of those selected vibes. You can use it yourself or you can send it to someone you know who’s in need of a vibe upgrade! The discount code just needs to be used by May 31st, 2023.


Can I buy any We-Vibe Product and get 50% off?

Unfortunately not. The We-Vibe sale only applies to the following products: Sync 2,  Ditto, Jive, Melt, Moxie+, Nova 2, Rave, Tango X, Touch X, Unite, and Vector+.

How long is the sale going for?

At the moment, this sale is going to be running until May 31, 2023.

Can I get the same deal on two vibrators in your store?

Absolutely! You can swing by our store (175 Harbord St. Toronto ON) and get the exact same deal in store.

I only bought one vibrator, when am I supposed to get my code?

We’ll be sending out your discount to the email address you used on your order within 72 hours of your purchase.  If you don’t hear from us within that time, you can email us at orders(at) to follow-up.

If I buy two of the We-Vibe products, am I going to get a discount code that I can share?

No, you won’t receive a shareable discount code if you buy two vibrators and have already received your discount on that purchase.

Think of it like this, if you buy a We-Vibe vibrator from us, we want to give you 50% off a second one. You can use that discount by adding another vibrator to your cart before you check out OR you can pass that discount along to someone else by using the discount code we’ll send you.

What's the catch? Is there any "fine print" for the sale?

Zero catches! The only thing is that your second vibrator has to be of an equal or lesser value than the first vibrator and both have to be from the qualifying We-Vibe BOGO Collection.

A friend of mine sent me a code, which one of the vibrators can I buy?

Great question. As we mentioned above, you can use the discount code that you received on products from the specific We-Vibe BOGO Collection that are an equal or lower value than the original vibrator purchased. There will be instructions on this in the email that we'll send you with your code.

What if I buy one of the We-Vibe products in your store? Am I still going to get a discount code?

You sure will! If you already have an account with us, let our in-store staff know and we'll apply the order to your account. If you don't have an account with us, we will just need your email address to quickly create one for you.