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LELO Sona 2 is Here!

The LELO Sona 2s are here! Lelo's version of the “air pressure wave” toys, the Sona 2s  are impressive quality, rechargeable, waterproof toys with a warranty. Users find that the Sonas are noticeably quieter than other similar toys, for a distraction-free, discreet experience. The Sonas also feature a clitoral cup that is smaller than similar Womanizer and Satisfyer toys, resulting in more intense sensations. It is thus a perfect choice for those who appreciate some power behind their sex toys, those who have challenges achieving orgasm and who like their clits hugged a little closer.

Already have a few vibrators? The air pressure wave toys are a VERY different experience. They will add a new dimension to your solo or partner play. And of course, not only are they great for clits, they also do wonders on nipples and frenulums on penises.

What is the difference between the old LELO Sona and the updated LELO Sona 2? Better quality, quieter sound, and longer-lasting construction.