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Sex on the Road: The Best Sex Toys for Travel

Sex on the Road: The Best Sex Toys for Travel

Are you travelling soon and want to bring your sex toys? Great! What if airport security finds your sex toys? Should you pack them in your checked baggage? It’s normal to feel concern or worry about travelling with sex toys. Travel can be stressful without worrying about your sex toys at security. 

Have your pleasure on the go with you, but follow our tips to have a discrete and safer experience travelling with sex toys:

Research whether or not sex toys are legal in your destination. 

Some states and countries have laws that prohibit sex toys. For example, in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam sex toys are illegal. Do some research to see what the rules are in the country you are travelling to. 

Pack small toys. 

Smaller toys are more discrete and usually less obvious as sex toys. Check ahead of time if there are any security regulations that inform you about the size of tools you may carry. Mini sex toys doesn’t have to mean less mighty sex toys. You can have smaller, more discrete sex toys that still have powerful sensations for your pleasure.  Check out 5 Ways To Have Mighty Fun with Mini Vibes on the blog.

Do pack your toys in your checked baggage.

You can also pack your toys in your checked baggage. Some people prefer this so they don’t have to be with their bag when it’s been scanned or inspected. BDSM gear might be more likely to arise suspicions of the toys being used as weapons, so it’s best to pack them in your checked luggage.

Take the batteries out.

Taking out the battery or using the travel lock setting on some toys can help you avoid the embarrassment of some unexpected vibration or buzzing coming from your bag. Check the regulations for carry-on luggage if you are carrying batteries in your carry-on. 

Leave favourite or luxury toys at home. 

Travel means that there’s a chance you could lose your bag or in some circumstances your toy might be confiscated as a suspicious electronic item. It would be terrible to lose an inexpensive or favourite sex toy. Travel with toys you like, but that are easily replaceable. 

Don't forget lube

Make sure whatever lube bottle you bring meets the liquid requirements of airport security. If it’s a bigger container, you might want to put it in a Ziploc bag (to protect against spills) in your checked luggage. Here are convenient 100 ml lube bottles:

Top Sex Toy Picks for Travel

Here are our top picks for sex toys for travel! We’ve selected discrete, portable and a mix of battery-operated and rechargeable toys for your travel needs:

Think about your pleasure in a new destination. Enjoy the change of scenery and the potential excitement of being in a new destination. You might discover a new way to feel sexy with your toy!