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The Best of Both Worlds: Double-Ended Dildos

The Best of Both Worlds: Double-Ended Dildos

Double the ends…double the fun? Double-ended dildos can mean more fun and more pleasure possibilities. Double-ended dildos can be used for vagina to vagina, anus to anus, or anus to vagina. Some people enjoy using double-ended dildos for oral sex too. Double-ended dildos are shaped for penetration on both ends. They are typically longer than average dildos too. Read on to get tips for buying double-ended dildos and ideas for using them. 


There are lots of reasons why you might want to use a double-ended dildo for solo pleasure or with a partner. For some people, it can fulfil erotic fantasies or add new sensations, and for other people it’s about exploring with sex toys. Here are three reasons you might want to use a double-ended dildo:

  • Get creative with penetration. 
  • Couples using double-ended dildos between two bodies can add a twist to penetration. The excitement might be around being both penetrated by the same dildo or the intimacy of being penetrated by something that is also inside of your partner. 

  • Add sensations to strap-on play. 
  • If you’re the giver of strap-on play or pegging, double-ended dildos can add internal sensation for you too. Try vibrating double-ended dildos and ones shaped with curves to stimulate G-spots.

  • Solo double-penetration. 
  • You can use double-ended dildos for masturbation. You might enjoy the sense of fullness or exploring simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. It can sometimes be awkward to manoeuvre, so play with positions to find the right one for your body. 


    Think about what you want to do with the double-ended dildo — what holes are you going to use it in, what features are important to you (colour, size, shape, material), and how much you want to spend. Here are our top picks for double-ended dildos:

    Don’t forget to use lots of lube and reapply often. Try these high quality lubes for double-ended dildo sex:

    Written for GFH by Luna Matatas