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The Complete GFH Guide to Glass Sex Toys

The Complete GFH Guide to Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are works of art. We like to call them “coffee table dildos” because they're so beautiful that they can be left out for all to admire and to enhance your decor. Their beauty, however, is only one of the benefits of these unique sex toys. 

How Safe Are Glass Sex Toys?

Glass sex toys are very safe. One common sex toy myth is that glass toys can break while using them internally. This is highly unlikely because the toys are made of solid glass—not hollow—making them more durable. You would have to have unrealistically strong pelvic floor muscles—and ones that bend in two different directions—to break them. Nonetheless, it's a good idea to look for any abnormalities in the glass each time prior to use to see if any cracks have developed. It's also good practice to run your fingers over a glass sex toy each time before using it, especially if the toy has been dropped or been in a suitcase or drawer with lots of movement. If there's a chip in it, you definitely want to feel it in your hands before inserting it. If you find a chip, then unfortunately the toy cannot be used anymore. A great way to protect glass toys is to store them in a soft toy bag. Some manufacturers include them in their packaging. 

How Durable Are Glass Sex Toys?

Glass toys are built to last a lifetime. They don't wear down and they aren't easily damaged. In general, it's safer to not expose them to extreme temperatures or suddenly take them from high heat to low cool temperatures. With proper care, they will outlast most vibrators and other sex toys. 

What Makes Glass Toys So Popular?

Glass sex toys have several advantages.

  • They're fabulous for giving firmer pressure against pleasure spots like the G-spot and prostate than silicone toys can provide.
  • They're not as heavy as metal, making them easier to hold (although some appreciate the weight of metal sex toys).
  • They're great for playing with gentle warm or cool temperatures.
  • They're non-porous and glide really well (since they don't absorb any lubricant) and are easy to clean.
  • Soap and water are sufficient for clean-up, however, for those who like something a little stronger, the toys can also be washed with a 10% bleach solution followed by a rinse. Some glass sex toys can be boiled to sterilize, but not all of them, so it's important to follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  • You can use any type of lubricant with them: silicone lube, oil-based lube, water-based lube, or hybrid lubes all work well with glass. 

What Kind of Glass Is Used?

The most common and durable material is borosilicate glass (the same material as Pyrex brand kitchen items), although it really depends on the manufacturer and the process that they use to make them. These are generally more expensive as well and might have interesting visual patterns or colours inside of them. Some are made of soda-lime glass which is also used for kitchen items. Although it’s not quite as durable and heat-resistant as borosilicate glass, it’s still an excellent and safe type of glass sex toys. Others like the Crystal Wand are made of lucite and are also durable and are often recommended by pelvic floor physiotherapists for applying firm pressure to relax the pelvic muscles (as a part of Kegel exercises). 

How Do I Use a Glass Sex Toy?

Some people like to use them while giving their partner oral pleasure. They can also be a precursor to intercourse as a butt plug left in place to build up to wider penetration or as a dildo with movement to build arousal and desire. Pressing a dildo towards the G-spot using the “come here” motion can lead to orgasms or squirting/(female) ejaculation; angling them towards a prostate can also lead to orgasms with or without ejaculation. S-shaped toys like the Crystal Wand can be wedged between a pillow and the bed to hold it in place while you rock against it. 

Glass dildos are best used with gentle rhythms. Their firmness, while great for the G-spot or prostate, doesn’t usually feel great against a cervix or the side of the vagina or rectum. Something softer such as a silicone dildo is better for vigorous thrusting. 


Glass sex toys can be smooth, ridged, or rippled.

  • Glass butt plugs like the Icicles No. 26 Teardrop have an hourglass shape to hold them in place and are great butt play options for those who are already relatively comfortable with anal pleasure (for beginners, check out our guide to butt toys).
  • For glass dildos, smooth ones are the least intense, like the Glas 8” Slimline G-spot Dildo. It's a great alternative to the Mood Frisky Orchid if you do not want vibration. It has a bulbous head that feels great to pull gently against the opening of the vagina or butt or to put pressure against the G-spot or prostate.
  • The Glas Double Trouble is another smooth toy with a head that is a great alternative to the Njoy Pure Wand for G-spot or prostate focused pleasure but in a lighter and less expensive material.
  • The Glas Blue Swirl has a little texture that gives more intense sensations than just a smooth toy.
  • For even more intensity, a bubble or rippled toy such as the Chrystallino or the smaller 5” Curved dildo are great choices.
  • The highest intensity Tornadus has a great shape that feels amazing by just twisting, pulling in-and-out, or doing both motions at the same time.

The advantage of many glass sex toy designs is that they have different ends on them, so they are like having two toys in one. The Glas 8” Ribbed G-Spot dildo has a smooth end with a head. The opposite end has three ripples that feel really great with a gentle in-and-out motion. You can use one end or the other or do them in sequence, depending on your desire.

Glass sex toys are a great addition to any toy collection. Most people will start their collection with vibrators or softer silicone sex toys, but glass is excellent for adding variety to your pleasure. Their elegance, durability, firmness, and safety make them a worthwhile investment. 

Choosing a Glass Sex Toy

One of the fabulous things about glass sex toys is that they can be used by everybody, whether playing solo or with a partner. You can read more about things to consider when purchasing a dildo here. And if you are using it anally, always ensure that it has a flared base or a wider bulge on the outside than what is inside so that it does not get swallowed up by your butt.