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Valentine's Day Magic: Kink Week

Valentine's Day Magic: Kink Week

Sex can be something that spices or sweetens your world, and kink is like the cherry on top. You might not always need it, but it has the ability to add and/or increase desire and curiosity while simultaneously developing the connection of your body and mind. 

This Valentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity for you to explore the magic, power and depths of sexuality and desire. Roses and chocolates are nice, but increasing your knowledge of what really turns you on and having the skills and tools to do it is a gift that will keep on giving.


Aslan Suspension Wrist Cuffs

These comfortable and padded cuffs feature an attachment point that works to relieve pressure from the wrists and allows the wearer the ability to grip onto them. Great for short term suspension, a variety of bondage positions and the comfort to really lean into your restraints, putting the focus on pleasure.

Master Series Adjustable Spreader Bar

Made of durable steel that expands from 23’ to 35’, this spreader bar includes clips on either side that are adaptable to the cuffs of your choice. Not suitable for suspension, but the eyebolts make it easy to attach wrist or ankle cuffs and it folds up nicely for a kinky getaway.

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints

Turn up the heat factor with this easy-to-set- up and portable restraint set. Quick and effortless, slip it under any mattress and the four restraints (wrists and ankles) will rest on the outside of the mattress. No hooks or fuss, just simple adjustable cuffs that are durable and as discreet as you want them to be.

Aslan Cumfy Ankle Cuffs

Looking for super sexy yet completely comfortable cuffs? These Aslan super-soft garment leather ankle cuffs are perfect for those looking for sturdiness that won't unbuckle as you buckle. They’re so comfy you won't be asking for permission to take them off anytime soon.

Nipple Clamps

Calexotics Colt Nipple Pro Suckers

Although this Pro Sucker can be used on other sensitive bits, it's designed for the advanced nipple play enthusiast. Press the sucker against the skin to create a seal around the nipple, then twist the black cap clockwise drawing the nipple up through the cylinder. Don’t forget your safe word, and enjoy!

Tom of Finland Bros Pin Stainless Steel Clothespin Nipple Clamps

These aren't your average household clothespins:- these sport a firm cold bite of stainless steel that pulls down the nipple with the weight of the clamp. Be ready for some agonizing pleasure while simultaneously making an aesthetic statement that you and your partner(s) won't soon forget.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Looking for a pinch of pleasure with sensory vibration for your nipples? Look no further - each clamp has its own push-button vibe and is smooth and comfortable on the skin. These clamps are ready to get wet’n’wild too - a great option for a gentle pinch.

Sportsheets Sincerely Pearl Chain Nipple Clamps

Looking for a bit of opulence in your life? These sensual tweezer nipple clips with a 16" strand of pearls will make you feel as exquisite and seductive as Isabella Rossellini in Death Becomes Her. If you don't know the look, you'd better look it up. We'll wait. The metal clamps can be adjusted for increased or decreased pressure while the rubber-tipped nipple clips protect your tips. What are you waiting for? Drink the potion and let those pearls drape tantalizingly across your bust like dewdrops catching the morning sun on a Tuscan grapevine.


Back On The Ropes by Two Knotty Boys

An excellent step-by-step guide that leads you through 61 ties, 70 techniques, and how to put them into play. The beautiful full- coloured pictures throughout shot by renowned fetish photographer Ken Marcus help clarify knots, ties, tricks, and more - whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in the middle, this book will help you achieve your rope play safely and skillfully.

Better Bondage for Every Body: With Rope Bondage Experts From Around the World by Evie Vane

This is the perfect book for the bondage bottom, aka the one wanting to be tied up. What makes this read so valuable is its inclusivity to curvy bodies, gender-non-conforming people, men, BIPOC folks, those with specific physical conditions, and folks aged 40 and up. Understand the journey of pain processing, anatomy, preparing for bondage, self-tying, and more.

NS Novelties Bondage Couture Satin Rope

Beginner or master tyer-upper, this rope will play the perfect companion to your knots ties and bondage experience. Ultra-soft but just as strong, don’t let the luxurious look fool you, this rope can withstand all the twists, hogties, wraps, pulls you can muster - and let’s be real, it looks sexy as hell.

Hand Made Jute Rope 30ft Bundle

Satin gold is not really the aesthetic you’re after? Try this locally handmade rope. Perfect for folks looking for a rougher texture to their knots, ties, and rigs. 

Blush Temptasia Bondage Safety Scissors

Tying a knot is one thing but untying a knot is another - don’t find yourself in a panic, always have a pair of trusty safety scissors handy. When you’re not saving yourself or your partners from a sexy emergency, use them for other consensual fantasies without a nip or cut due to the rounded protective tip. 

Softer Kink & Beginners 

Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold

Looking to get your feet wet in the world of sensory and control play? A fantastic place to start is with this sensual 100% pure silk blindfold. The array of places this could lead you and your partners, is endless - feed, lick, tickle, kiss - the consensual wearing’s senses will be turned all the way up with some mystery and pleasure in the mix. 

How to be Kinky: A Beginner's Guide to BDSM by Morpheous

How exactly does one get into kink? What do you need? What's the protocol? What are your boundaries? There’s a variety of things under the umbrella of kink and this book is here to help you answer all your questions and get you started. Using a practical approach, there is a direct focus on how to play with a partner, boundaries, toys and items to use, best behaviours at kink based events, role-play, BDSM basics and more. 

Large Ostrich Feather Tickler

An excellent companion to the blind fold or restraints, these beautiful soft ostrich feathers attached to a long wand allows you to caress and tickle your partner. Indulging in sensory play, giving over control and or taking it, depending on who's holding the tickler.

High On Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint

A natural aphrodisiac, this luxurious, rich dark chocolate body paint is made with premium-grade hemp seed oil, 100% natural ingredients and inspired by the chocolatiers in Brussels. Taste alone will have you wanting more, and you don't need to be a seasoned artist to hold this paint brush, let the growing intimacy and delight between you and your partner guide your strokes. 

Pipedream Bondage Tape 35'

You don't need a lot of instruction to get the hang of this restraint option; no knots or intricate ties necessary. Texturally pleasing to the eyes and the skin because it doesn't stick to hair or skin, just to itself - it's practically foolproof. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to consensually tie your lover up, this is the perfect tool for your growing kink tool box. Don’t forget your Blush Temptasia Bondage Safety Scissors!

Heavier Handed & Advanced 

Aslan Silicone Ball Gag

Create a scene that speaks to the dominant-submissive dynamic. The silicone ball has a fantastic texture that's not too soft nor too hard against the wearer's teeth, and the disassembling leather straps make it easy to clean. Make sure to pre-negotiate, get consent and set your boundaries before enjoying this kinky accessory…because it's kinda hard to talk with a 1 3/4" silicone ball in your mouth.

Dragontailz Premium Dragon Tail Whip

There’s a whole technique to using and landing the perfect whip to your (consenting) partner's body, and once you have the hang of it, why not serve it up in style with a whip made of the finest Italian leathers? Made to last the test of time, zero break-in time, and no maintenance required. Accompanied with a downloadable 90 minute video that demonstrates the different ways to use this whip from strokes to high speeds of 800 mph.

Leatherbeaten Liquid Cane

This cane isn’t for the faint at heart, and it's far from a feathers tickle. If you’re ready for an unforgiving, bruising, deep sting this solid neoprene rubber cane won't soon be forgotten by the giver or the receiver. 

Shots Pain Medieval Half Tone Diamond Tail 33" Leather Flogger

Travel back in time with this two toned Italian leather 12”handle and 12 x 22” braided and diamond tipped flogger. Handcrafted with a removable corset lace- up slipcover handle, this flogger will stand out within your collection. Enjoy every lashing in style as you step into this medieval fantasy.

Percussion Play  

Badass Canes Big Basturd 24" x 1 .25" Rattan Cane

Enjoy the sounds of this thick Big Basturd cane; delivering a satisfying walloping thud with each blow. The 6” of non slip comfortable handle makes playing for hours manageable. Not to mention the smoothed edges and rougher finish of the rattan will have you pleading for more.

Aslan 12'' Paddle

This paddle is perfect for beginners and experts alike, a nice classic addition to any spanking scenario. Two layers of thick bridle leather and a reinforced steel handle, pick your colour and enjoy playing out your paddle fantasies.

Tantus Plunge Silicone Paddle

Don’t let the classic shape, silky, flexible silicone texture and non threatening size fool you - this paddle is serving painful, stingy spanks. The thick firm handle works to control movement and allows the handler to use minimal movement to make that paddle flick, flap and smack. Then use the other end for penetration pleasure. 

Spanking For Lovers by Janet W. Hardy

This author has been around the spanking bend and knows plenty about guiding the reader through the many options and varieties of spanking. From the roles you might choose to play (sexy or strict), loud and hard or soft and teasing. learn the best positions for all genders, body types and more. The illustrations make this easy to read and follow spanking guide even easier.