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Which Magic Wand Is The Best For Me?

The Magic Wand (formerly known as the Hitachi and still made by the same company) is a classic toy that has been around for ages. Popularlized by Betty Dodson and sex educators everywhere, it is famous and well-loved because of its intensity and large head, thereby stimulating many nerve endings with power. There are NUMEROUS imitations and alternatives, but for so many, there is nothing that beats the classic. Fortunately the makers have also adapted the original to two new-and-improved styles that have made an awesome product even better!

Some find the Magic Wands a bit large to use with a partner (a little like having a threesome!) But rest assured that many have used this toy over the years solo and/ or with one or more partners. It gives a fabulous rumbling sensation that feels great. Some do not like the sound, but trust us, you could do a Pavlovian experiment with its unique sound triggering arousal in many a fan.

These wands, originally designed as back massagers, are best used for external stimulation, However, there are plenty of attachments that you can use for the penis and internal pleasure. They are not the least expensive toys available, however they are the longest-lasting. They will generally last for over ten years. That means that they offer the cheapest powered orgasms you can find, at less than a penny per pleasure session!

The Original Magic Wand has two speeds: high and really high. Even the lowest setting can be a bit intense for some, so using it over clothing or a facecloth can help mute the powerful vibrations. It has a plug that is relatively long but some folks will attach it to an extension cord to extend its reach. The head is removable (it is a little tough to do so , though, and it is porous and not easy to clean). So some will instead add a pop top head attachment that can be boiled for sharing and cleanliness. 

The newest Magic Wand Plus has four speeds, original wand’s high and really high settings as well as two lower ones. It plugs into the wall, however the cord is removable, making it less likely to become damaged over time (such as when travelling) and also easier to replace the plug. The head is silicone so that you can easily clean it.


The Rechargeable Magic Wand is the most versatile option. It can be used plugged-in or unplugged (great if if runs out of juice mid- orgasm and can be plugged in to finish the job). It has a silicone head for easy cleaning and the updated four speeds. With the same great quality of product, it is a fabulous update on the classic.