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5 Ways to Have Mighty Fun with Mini Vibrators

5 Ways to Have Mighty Fun with Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators are smaller than most vibrators, but the pleasure possibilities are mighty! Mini vibes are smaller vibrating sex toys, usually less than the size of your hand. They are made of different materials, shapes, and can be rechargeable or battery operated. Most mini vibes are intended for external use, on areas like on nipples, vulvas, and penises. They aren’t great for deep internal stimulation, especially for anal penetration where they could get lost in the rectum because most mini vibes lack a flared base. 

Here are 5 ways to have fun with mini vibes:

  • Because of their size, mini vibes are great for travelling or carrying discreetly. If you’re on your way to a date, a mini vibe can easily fit in a pocket or a purse. 

  • Bulkier vibrators can make it hard to get specific with your stimulation on smaller body parts like nipples, labia, and clitorises. Mini vibes that have curves, like the Tenga Iroha X Tori vibrator, can feel great for stimulating the sides of the clitoris. 

  • The penis has a very erogenous spot on the underside of the shaft, close to the head of the penis. The frenulum is a sensitive spot that you can target with a mini vibe. Vibration to this spot might be overwhelming or enticing, so choosing a mini vibe with multiple speeds and functions can help you explore sensation options. The Le Wand Double is powerful and its shape can create intense sensations along the shaft, the perineum and the head of the penis.

  • Some mini vibes that are bullet-shaped can be used inside of other sex toys to create vibration in a non-vibrating toy like a butt plug or dildo. For strap-on sex and pegging, try using a bullet vibe inside of the strap-on dildo to increase sensation for the receiver. The strap-on harness wearer can use mini vibes to tuck in between the harness and their vulva for clitoral stimulation. Some harnesses have specific pouches designed to hold mini vibes. 

  • Finger mini vibes attach onto your fingers to make the sex toy feel like an extension of your touch. The handle on the finger vibes are great for not worrying about holding onto the vibrator, especially with slippery lubed-up hands! The Vedo Yummy Finger vibe slips onto your middle and index fingers to create a seamless sensation between you and your partner without feeling like a sex toy is in the way.


    Mini vibes range in price and function. More expensive mini vibes might have stronger motors, longer warranties and more features. Here are some tips to help you shop for mini vibes:

    • Do you want battery-operated or rechargeable? 
    • Does material matter to you? 

        • Most mini vibes are made of body safe materials like ABS plastic and silicone. 

    • What ‘frills’ or features are important to you?

        • Beginner mini vibes like bullet style vibrators tend to have less functions or might only have one speed
        • Silicone mini vibes provide a softer and cushier experience that some people prefer
        • If you’re looking for power, the We-Vibe Tango X gives a rumbly vibration, and is shaped to help you target crevices — like the sides of the clitoris or the underside of the head of the penis. 
    • What’s your budget? 
      • A higher price doesn’t always mean a better vibe, and you can always upgrade later if your budget expands.
      • On the luxury end of mini vibes, The Le Wand Deux has twin motors and shape that allows you to sandwich nipples or clits between them for surround vibration. The We-Vibe Touch X is a wider mini vibe with super soft material and great intensity. 
      • Budget vibes might have less features, but can get the job done too. Budget mini vibrators start at $10 vibes like the Power Bullet 1 Speed bullet vibe. Other great mini vibes under $100 include: The Femme Funn Ultra Vibrator and the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure Lay-on vibrator. 

    Don’t forget lube to help reduce friction and create a silky connection between the body and the mini vibrator. 

    If you’re used to using bigger and more powerful vibrators, you may have to adjust how you approach masturbation or partnered sex to allow your body to get curious about the new pleasure you’ve brought it. It can take a little adjusting to new sensations when we are used to a particular path to orgasm. Give yourself some time to get to know your new mini vibe!


    Written for GFH by Luna Matatas