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Best Sex Toys For Couples

Best Sex Toys For Couples

Sex toys can add diversity of pleasure to our sex lives and keep boredom at bay. Sex toys for couples can also enhance pleasure especially when orgasm, erections, and/or positioning are challenges. Hands-free toys can expand the opportunity for more points of pleasure with sexual play. 

Sex toys for partners can be an important element in a healthy, vibrant sexual connection. Some people believe that sex toys are a solo or private affair or for people with sexual “problems,” however many couples of all kinds enjoy using toys for a variety of reasons. They can enhance intimacy, play, pleasure, and curiosity — which all strengthen a partnership.They can also make arousal or orgasm easier, reducing some pressure in performance. They can create more comfort, enabling greater relaxation into the pleasure. Of course, any sex toy can be used by a couple. The following are options that can specifically enhance sexual pleasure for people in all kinds of partnerships. 

Toys to Enhance Intercourse

The We-Vibe Chorus is a classic couples vibrator. It is designed to be used during intercourse to enhance pleasure mostly for the person being penetrated. The C-shape of the toy means that one motor sits against the clitoris while another motor hits the G-spot. The internal part is small enough that a penis or dildo can slide in next to it, tripling the pleasure of intercourse. Some penises also enjoy the sensation when inside, but many penis owners simply love the fact that their partner gets more pleasure from penetrative sex. The toy has a remote (as well as an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone) that can vary the intensity and pattern of vibrations. You can also set the vibration pattern to sync with the ambient music so that your erogenous zones can dance along with the beat. 

Another great way to enhance intercourse is with a vibrating penis ring such as the JeJoue Mio. It rests at the base of a dildo or penis. On a penis it will help to delay ejaculation while stimulating the partner’s clitoris or perineum. Since most folks with vaginas do not orgasm without clitoral stimulation, it is a great way to delay the orgasm in the penis while giving a little extra boost to the clitoris towards climax. If you don’t want the extra vibrating stimulation, then basic penis rings such as the this set come in a multiple sizes to determine the optimal pick for comfort and effectiveness. 

Finger Vibrators

Almost any vibrator such as wands and clitoral vibes can be used against the clitoris during intercourse, however the Hot Octopuss Digit is a great option because it holds onto the fingers so that you don’t have to hold onto it. With the slipperiness of lube, movement and switching of positions as well as disabilities that make it hard to hold onto a toy, a vibrator that attaches to the finger makes for more stres-free sex. Either partner can use the vibrator and can also use it along the whole vulva, against the frenulum of the penis or testicles or perineum, as well as the nipples for variety. 

Public Pleasure

One of the most fun ways to use sex toys for partners is to play out in public. The  We-Vibe Jive is inserted vaginally and the Ditto or Vector are anal toys. They can all be comfortably worn out and about while shopping or at dinner with the in-laws. The partner can control the intensity using the app. A fun game is to keep a constant facial expression or tone of voice when the partner changes the intensity of the vibration! 


One common style of sex toys for couples are harnesses and dildos. Harnesses can be worn by folks of any sex or gender to penetrate a partner of any sex or gender. They are often used by people with vaginas to penetrate a partner vaginally or anally. Folks with penises sometimes use them also for double penetration or for when they don’t have an erection. Pelvic harnesses are the most common but the Sportsheets Thigh Harness is an often overlooked option that is particularly great for those who have a disability, are pregnant, prefer the positioning of the dildo, or want to use one on each thigh to pleasure two partners at the same time! 

Pleasure Without Erections

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux is an ingenious toy for solo or couples play. What makes it so great is that it can be used with or without an erection. It pleasures mostly the frenulum of the penis and can make it easier for a partner to add greater intensity of stimulation than a hand or mouth alone can offer. But this toy also enables the partners to have simultaneous pleasure in a position similar to intercourse. Not only does the inside vibrate the frenulum (with one remote to control its intensity), but the backside of the toy also has a separate motor controlled by its own remote. When the penis is placed inside the Hot Octopus Pulse Duo Lux and positioned up against their tummy, the partner can climb on top and vibrate their clitoris or perineum to enjoy their own pleasure at the same time. Partners can switch remotes to control the other’s pleasure for added adventures of surprise and surrender. 

Sex Toys for Comfort and Variety

The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling fits over any door and enables intercourse while the penetrating partner is standing, without having to hold up their partner. The sling facilitates physical closeness without strain and adds variety to intercourse positioning. Easy to set up, take down, and transport, it is a great addition to any collection for couples. 

Sex is generally better when we are comfortable and have easy access to all the right spots. The Liberator Ramp is designed to facilitate a variety of positions without requiring strong muscles to maintain the pose. It is great for folks with mobility challenges. The Ramp does all the work for you so you can relax and focus on the pleasure. 

Sex Toys for Bondage

Speaking of restraint, a guide to sex toys for couples would be incomplete without options for bondage. An easy and portable solution are the SportSheets Under the Bed Restraints. They attach around any sized mattress and fit compactly into a medium sized bag for transport to a new sexy location. One partner can be restrained by the wrists and/ or ankles while the other partner can consensually pleasure them. They are great for teasing, edging towards orgasm, and/ or fantasy domination. 

Anal and Prostate Toys for Couples

Anal pleasure is something that many people enjoy. The advantage of plugs is that they can be used hands-free, enabling one or both partners to use their hands and tongues on other erogenous zones at the same time. The B-Vibe Rimming 2 Vibrating Plug can be used by anyone and adds the pleasure of fullness in the rectum. Some people will insert a plug and leave it in place as a precursor to anal intercourse. Those with penises could alternatively use a toy that is focused on the prostate such as the Aneros Syn Trident. The beauty of this prostate toy is that stimulation is achieved by squeezing and relaxing the sphincter muscles. This means that a partner does not need to be involved if they prefer not to engage in the anal aspect of their partner’s pleasure.