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Holiday Gift Ideas for 2015

Looking for a gift that says “WOW” ?

Have a look at our top ten suggestions for the naughty and/or nice folks on your list. For clits, vaginas, wrists, penises, prostates and for your comfort or your viewing pleasure, there are plenty of decadent options that say WOW in so many ways. A gift for you, a special someone or both!

Womanizer2 (1)

The Womanizer: Despite its poor choice of name, this unique new toy delivers on the pleasure front! Consistent rave reviews have made the Womanizer a new must-have for many toy connoisseurs. Its gentle suction and vibration that surround the clitoris provide unforgettable orgasms. Hard to go wrong with the Womanizer.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Rechargeable Vibrating Sleeve

Hot Octopus Pulse: This “guybrator” is a fabulous choice for any penis: can be used whether erect or not, can be positioned to mimic intercourse when penetration is painful for the receiver, making it a fabulous choice solo or partnered. The Duo version has a remote for more vibration options as well as a softer part where the partner mounts for dual play.


Rechargeable Magic Wand vibrator - formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand

Magic Wand Rechargeable: Hard to beat the Cadillac, a.k.a. the Original Magic Wand, but this version does: More speeds (4 instead of 2) and pulsing options, a silicone head and no need to be attached to the wall- although if you run out of juice you can still keep going by plugging it in. Amazing vibrations for any vulva as well as the perineum, it is an awesome often-forgotten spot for pleasure especially for men.

liberator ramp blue

Liberator Ramp: Get into position for more pleasure and greater choices for play. The Ramp is a luxurious tool for enabling more sexy possibilities with comfort and ease (see this video for more info). Great for those who have back discomfort, disabilities, joint pain or just want to enjoy longer sex sessions without distraction. Decadence at its best.


njoy pure wand


Pure Wand: You can’t miss the G-spot or P-spot (prostate) with this awesome toy! The firmness and angle fit anyone’s anatomy, with the choice of the smaller or larger size. Can be used with any kind of lubricant, warmed up or cooled off, this toy is indestructible for years of pleasure. Many a G-Spot has been discovered and many female ejaculators have been born using this toy!

Hugo by Lelo

Hugo or Bruno: Hello prostate and perineum. Two pleasures in one, and the Hugo as a remote that also vibrates anywhere you want to place it. This luxury LELO toy is sure to please the prostate lover in your life. LELO’s soft silicone means that it cleans nicely and can be alternatively used for G-spot and external play as well. A range of vibration and pulsing patterns means it can work for just about anyone!

lelo ina wave vibrator

Ina Wave: What happens when you add a wave to clitoral and G-spot play? The waving function of this toy means a little extra pressure on both the G-spot and the clitoris to transform awesome into amazing. The rhythmic movement comes the closest to mimicking the famous “come here” motion of a hand for G-spot play as well as a thumb on the clit at the same time. True pleasure.


Coach cuffs cu web

Aslan Coach Cuffs: Soft, decadent and sexy, these cuffs are the ultimate in sensual restraint. Soft enough for sensual play and tough enough for intense bondage sessions, these luxury cuffs will make anyone melt before they even get them on!



erika lust collectionErika Lust Set: Get ready for porn like you’ve never seen it before: beautiful and diverse sets, interesting and humorous storylines, playful and intense sex, realistic and passionate pleasure for all. Lust Films are popular especially among those who are not turned on by mainstream porn. These multiple Feminist Porn Award- winning titles give you something great to watch!