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How Do We Select Our Vibrators?

Proper pleasure is important! A such, we take our vibrator selection process seriously here at Good For Her.  All of our toys go through a rigorous approval process always with the best interests of our customers in mind.

We are constantly ordering in new items to inspect and even try out! In this industry with new products being launched every month, there might be a better option out there or something completely new to add to our collection.  The following is a small window into our selection process:

  1. Does it offer good value for the price? We recognize that our customers all have different budgets and want value for what they pay. We want toys at a variety of price-points that have good relative power, options and quality for the price compared to other similar products. Of course we love rechargeable toys made of silicone, but we also recognize that some folks are looking for less expensive options where battery-operated elastomer or ABS plastic might be the best choice for them.
  2. Does it do something unique or different compared what we already have? We love innovative products that serve different folks in a variety of ways. We’re willing to try almost anything once. We pass new toys around among the staff (with our clothes on!) to get a variety of opinions on how each looks and feels and what customers might like or not like about them.
  3. Is it what it claims to be? We see lots of toys that claim to be silicone but are obviously only partly so (toys can be listed as silicone as long as they contain at least 10%) . We see toys that claim to rotate, to vibrate in certain ways, to hold their shape etc. After our many years of experience, we can usually tell what the real story is. And sometimes that requires taking the toy for a test drive. Our suspicions are often correct but we have been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion.
  4. Is it safe?  We have seen our share of toys that will break, that have seams that would cause abrasions, that have grooves that are too small to be cleaned properly and where bacteria can accumulate. Those toys go in the discard pile.
  5. Have we had experience with the quality of this manufacturer before? Some manufacturers tend to build better quality toys than others. Some have different lines of toys of varying quality. If it is a new manufacturer, we ask a lot of questions.  We will replace any defectives from customers with our own 30 day warranty, but for folks investing in a more expensive toy, we want to make sure that their extended warranty will be honoured without hassle.
  6. Test it out! Someone gets to test the toy. Often it is a staff member but sometimes we have knowledgeable customers to whom we offer a toy in exchange for their honest assessment. We match up the toy with someone who would be most likely to buy it based on their preferences (eg G-spot fans tend to review G-spot toys, size queens review larger toys, folks who have a hard time with orgasms tens to review the more powerful options).
  7. Put it out there. Once a toy passes the above tests we order in a bunch to sell. And we watch for feedback: our customers tell us through online reviews or in person and we also notice if we have a high proportion of defectives that get returned. Any toys that are regularly defective get quickly taken off the shelf. Of course our less expensive toys tend to have a higher defect rate (which we are up-front about) but we expect that a toy that sells for over $70 should be reliable.

Let us know if you have seen any toys you think we should carry. Maybe we have tested them and can share our experience with you and reasons for not carrying it. Maybe we haven’t seen it yet and will give it a try. We’re always looking to make our awesome collection even better!