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How to Use a Stroker — And Everything Else You Want to Know

How to Use a Stroker — And Everything Else You Want to Know

Strokers are sex toys that have been mostly categorized as ‘male masturbators or penis sleeves’. They are a popular masturbation sex toy for simulating sensations of anal, vaginal and oral sex, but strokers can be used as a couples’ sex toy too. 

Some strokers are designed for use by FTM, trans men and non-binary people. The size and shape of the hole of FTM strokers are made to pleasure genitals that may be experiencing changes in size and sensitivity as a result of testosterone. Strokers can have features like textured sleeves and vibrations to add sensation to genitals. 


Hands are great sex toy tools we have available to us almost all the time. Adding in a sex toy like a stroker can:

  • Add new sensations for deeper or bigger pleasure
  • Increase pleasure opportunities
  • Help you explore techniques like edging
  • Create pressure, textures or vibration that your hand or other orifices can’t create
  • Add playfulness and fun to solo or partnered sex
  • Be an opportunity for mutual masturbation with sex toys
  • Simulate penetrative or oral sex 
  • Can help some people with maintaining erections


Strokers used to be bulky, hard to clean and made of materials that weren’t body safe. We now see many strokers innovating with body safe materials like silicone, easy-clean designs and different sizes/fit to suit different bodies. 

Whatever type of stroker you choose, be sure to choose a quality water-based or oil-based lube (many strokers are made of silicone which isn’t compatible with silicone lube).

Silicone Sleeves

Silicone sleeves provide softness, squishiness, and warmth. They are usually smaller, lighter and less expensive than encased strokers. 

  • Cons: they might not last as long as encased strokers and they are more prone to picking up dust, dirt and becoming discoloured. 
  • Pros: They allow a lot of control over the pressure of the stroker because your hand or your partner’s hand is controlling the pressure of the squeeze. Some people prefer them because they are less bulky and might be suitable if the weight of encased strokers doesn’t work with your hand abilities. 

If you’ve never tried a stroker, Tenga Egg Penis Sleeves are an inexpensive way to explore. You can use any lube with them, they are travel-size, warm up quickly, have great textures and are generally one-time use only. A great reusable stroker is Doc Johnson’s Optimale Reversible Stroker

Encased Strokers

The Tenga Air Tech Reusable Sleeve and the Satisfyer Men Masturbator are strokers that have a hard casing on the outside and a soft textured silicone sleeve on the inside. The hard casing keeps a consistent pressure for the sleeve inside, so when it’s being stroked it creates a vacuum style of sensation for genitals without needing to be squeezed. Keeping a consistent pressure provides a sucking feeling with encased strokers without having to control hand pressure. 

FTM Strokers

Strokers like the Pitstop FTM Shotpocket silicone stroker sleeve are made of 100% silicone, making it super easy to keep clean. It’s designed for trans men, FTMs, and non-binary people who have been on testosterone and experience some genital growth. The hole is ⅝” diameter.

Calexotics’ Packer Gear FTM stroker is a closed-ned sleeve that creates a powerful oral sensation simulation. Pumps are fun to combine with stroker use because they can create additional blood flow before using the stroker, which enhances sensation in the area. 

Then there’s New York Toy Collective’s Jack 2 in 1 stroker that is both a packer and a stroker!

Motorised Strokers

Some strokers provide vibration or other motorized sensation. The Arcwave Ion Simulator Stroker uses technology to create pulsing air sensations to the frenulum (the underside of the head of the penis). 

The Fun Factory Manta Stroker is a different kind of stroker - it provides vibration sensation without a sleeve or casing. It’s a great toy for couples who want to hold it between them during sex. 


  1. Get turned on. Strokers work best on semi or full erections. Touch genitals, touch other hot spots on the body like nipples, anuses, thighs, etc. Some people like to get warmed up by using a pump to increase blood flow to their genitals before using a stroker. 
  2. Add lube. Apply to genitals and to the inside of the stroker. You can get fancy and try lubes with frills that add even more sensation. 
  3. Start slow. Ease genitals into the stroker either by pushing the stroker down around the erection or using the body to thrust into the stroker to get some hip engagement. Strokers can feel great on the tip and head because there is a high concentration of nerve endings. Experiment by exploring stroking with different pressures, speeds, directions and thrusting. 
  4. Orgasm doesn’t have to be the goal. You can orgasm into the stroker or strokers might be only a part of your sexual experience. Make sure to re-apply lube, friction doesn’t feel good and can potentially cause soreness.


Using a stroker on a partner? Communicate with them — notice their non-verbal communication like changes in breathing, body writhing, curling toes or moans. Invite verbal communication with questions like: ‘harder or softer?’ and ‘faster or slower’?

If you or your partner isn’t into blowjobs or handjobs, strokers can provide a pleasure opportunity create sensations similar to these sex acts. The stroker becomes an extension of you or your partner’s energy and abilities, and can be a way to give pleasure that feels good for both people.


Whether ejaculation happens in a stroker or not, they still need to be cleaned after each use. Most strokers will have instructions included with them for cleaning, but in general, if the inside of the stroker is removable — gently take it out and wash it with gentle soap and warm water and set aside to dry fully before reinserting it. For soft strokers without casing, you can clean them the same way. Soft strokers pick up dust and hair easily, be sure to store them in their own dust bags or box.

Some strokers are easier to clean than others. The Tenga Flip Zero masturbator flips up so it opens easily to be cleaned. Cheaply made strokers often tear when removed and reset within the casing over time. Buying body safe and quality strokers can reduce the chances of bacterial building up in the stroker material. 

Not into strokers but want more sex toys for penises? Check out our blog post on Sex Toys for Penis Pleasure for lots of ideas. 


Written for GFH by Luna Matatas