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What is Prostate Pleasure All About?

What is Prostate Pleasure All About?

Written for GFH by Luna Matatas

You might have heard of the prostate referred to as the P-spot or the ‘male G-spot,’ or maybe you’ve heard of ‘prostate milking’—a massage for the prostate. As a pleasure spot for penis owners, the prostate can be stimulated externally or internally using manual stimulation with fingers or sex toys designed for prostate pleasure. 

What is a Prostate?

The prostate is a gland located between the base of the penis and the bladder. Its main function is to produce fluid for semen. It’s located approximately 2-4 inches inside of the anus and can feel a little bit like a marble or a walnut compared to the softer tissue of the rest of the anus. It has many nerve endings that some people find pleasurable and even orgasmic through stimulation, like massage or vibration. The prostate can be stimulated externally for a milder sensation through the perineum (the area between testicles and the anus) or internally through the anus up towards the front of the body (towards the belly button). 

As for health benefits, prostatic massage can be used therapeutically, but there isn't enough research to conclusively support a link between prostate stimulation and prostate cancer prevention. 

Getting Started With Prostate Pleasure

Prostate pleasure can be fun during masturbation or with a partner. The anus is jostling with nerve endings and can be receptive to erotic touch. Some people describe prostate orgasms as distinctly different from other types of orgasms; they feel full-bodied, more intense, and can happen with or without ejaculating prostatic fluid. For some people with penises, prostate orgasms allow for multiple orgasms during sex. Many people have a sensation of feeling like they need to pee when they have their prostates stimulated. Others really enjoy the feeling of fullness in their anus while they stimulate other parts of their body like penises or nipples. 

If you're exploring prostate play for the first time, you want lots of lube, lots of communication, and lots of patience.  You can use sex toys or fingers for insertion into the anus and be sure to use a quality long-lasting lube. If you’re new to anal sex, do a little research on how to get started with bum stuff.  And it is okay if you decide after it isn't for you. 

A prostate massage might induce similar feelings as when you have to pee, so be aware if that becomes a source of discomfort and distraction. Some people gain and others lose an erection with prostate play—so don’t be concerned if an erection disappears. It just means that the focus is now on the prostate. Some like penis and prostate stimulation simultaneously, others prefer to focus on one spot at a time. 

You can start off outside the anus by massaging the prostate externally through the perineum, or massaging the penis to get aroused. The next step might be moving to stimulating outside of the anus with massage and lubricant, and finally slipping in one finger and curling it towards the belly button. Prostate massage should be firm and consistent, not jabby or weak pressure—sometimes a prostate massage toy is a good option because the shape makes it easy to find and stimulate the prostate. 

Choosing a Prostate Play Sex Toy

Shopping for an anal sex toy is fun but can be intimidating because of all the choices available. Prostate toys are sex toys that are designed to maximize the ability to give firm and continuous massage to stimulate the prostate for pleasure. 

Prostate toys come in different types of materials, sizes, and features. What they all have in common is a curved shape that allows for easier access to the prostate gland and a flared base so they don’t disappear into the anus! Here are some awesome prostate sex toy options:

Beginner Prostate Massager

A great beginner prostate massager is the Aneros Eupho Syn Tridentit’s an accommodating size, made of silicone, and firm. What's also fabulous about this anal sex toy is that it gently rocks forwards every time the anal sphincters are engaged. That means the user can stimulate themselves by just squeezing and relaxing their sphincters!

The Aneros Black Ice Progasm Prostate Stimulator is another option that has a slick shiny finish and made of body-safe materials but is a little wider. 

Prostate Vibrators

The We-Vibe Vector Prostate Plug is made of 100% silicone, comes with a remote control, and has a great shape that allows the user to wear it snugly without worrying it will fall out. The head is flexible and the rumbling vibrations are great for the kind of continual pressure prostates like. It also can be connected to the we-connect app for control by yourself or someone else in the same room or across the world. 

For a more traditional vibrator style, the Lelo Loki Wave Vibrating Prostate Massager is great for external and internal prostate stimulation. It “waves” by moving both arms towards each other, massaging each pleasure point on the inside and outside. 

Curved Dildo

If you’re interested in strapping-on a dildo for P-spot stimulation, the Blush Avant Pride P1 Silicone Dildo is a great beginner dildo with a harness-compatible base. Other dildos can work depending on desired length, width, shape, material, colour, and firmness.

Stainless Steel and Glass Prostate Toys

The Njoy Pure Wand is a stainless steel, weighty toy that has two options for sizes of massagers at either end. Stainless steel gives you the option to play with hot and cold temperatures as well. The curved handle makes it easy for solo prostate play. Glass prostate massagers also can be fun for temperature play and are very firm (and often beautiful pieces like this).

Relax, take the pressure off of orgasm, and sink into the sensations, taking breaks when needed. Start slow, get aroused, and be sure to re-apply lube during your prostate adventure. Remember to listen to your body—when your butt has had enough, honour the butt!