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Explore Hotter Oral Sex with These Sex Toys

Explore Hotter Oral Sex with These Sex Toys

Written for GFH by Luna Matatas

If there's more pleasure to be had
you want to know about it, right? Sex toys are co-operators in our pleasure, not competitors. Sex toys create sensations, textures, and pressures that help give our bodies stimulation to maximize pleasure. Adding sex toys to oral sex might lead to more excitement, more intense orgasms, and more erotic creativity in cunnlinugs, analingus, and blow jobs. It is also a way to reduce contact with sexual fluids for safe sex. So let’s explore some fun ways to help spice up oral sex with sex toys.

Penis Sleeves

Want to spice up blowjobs? Try using a penis sleeve. Penis or cock sleeves are made of soft and flexible material that create a cushion of texture and warmth around the shaft of the penis. Cock stroker toys can be used to add a new sensation to fellatio during hand and mouth combo techniques. They can also add extra pressure on the penis where a hand might get more easily tired, such as during an extended sex session, or due to arthritis. Use lube on the inside of the stroker to prevent friction and improve the texture of the hand job. 

Some have an opening at the top and some go over the head of the penis. Use a cock sleeve to stroke the shaft of the penis while your mouth sucks and licks the head of the penis. The Good Head Helper Sleeve is the same width as a hand, so it will take up as much length of the penis as your hand does, leaving lots of room for your mouth and/ or length of stroking motion. If the penis sleeve goes over the head of the penis, it adds suction and you can stimulate the balls or base of the shaft with your mouth while stroking with the penis sleeve. 

Anal Sex Toys

Everyone has a butthole and everyone’s butthole is potentially a source of pleasure. The anus has lots of nerve endings that can be stimulated externally using vibrators, and internally using butt plugs. 

If your partner is up for receiving anal stimulation while you’re giving them oral sex, you can use vibrators with rounded and soft tips to press against the anus for external anal pleasure. The perineum (the space between the anus and the genitals) is also nerve-rich, and you can use knuckles or a vibrator to massage against this spot. For prostate-owners, stimulating the perineum can provide gentle prostate pleasure without penetration. 

If your partner is up for penetrative anal sex during oral, you can use a butt plugs, prostate sex toys, dildos or rimming butt plugs to add sensation inside the butt that can amplify the pleasure immensely. 

G-spot/Vaginal Toys

G-spot sex toys like vibrators or dildos can be a way to blend external clitoral pleasure and internal vaginal pleasure for vulvas. G-spot toys that are firmer and have a slight curve to the tip of the sex toy are the best to use. Softer toys like Mr. Boss or Lush Maya can be used to thrust to simulate sensations of intercourse, while thrusting toys do the work for you. The Crave Vesper Necklace can be worn around the neck of the giver to ensure that the vibrator is in the right spot for pleasure when the moment of oral sex presents itself. Communicate with your partner about the speed, depth, and pressure of any toy to make sure you’re hitting the spots that they like while you’re giving cunnlingus to their clit. 

Note that vibrators can also be used on penises during oral (or any other kind of) pleasure. Place a vibrator gently against the testicles; use a powerful toy like the Magic Wand where the base of the penis meets the abdomen; roll a rounded small vibe like the Pocket Rocket or Dame Zee along the shaft of the penis, tease with the ears or the shaft of the JeJoue Rabbit Bullet against the coronal ridge or frenulum of the penis. 

Flavoured Lube

Add a different flavour to your oral sex!  Most condoms used for safe sex taste bad and can use some added taste. Flavoured lubes add some fun to the taste of your oral sexyou could be sucking on salted caramel-flavoured genitals if you use flavoured lube!

When choosing flavoured lubes, be sure they are free from glycerin and sugarsthese ingredients can sometimes increase yeast infections or UTIs for some people.

Nipple Clamps

Bring in stimulation to other erogenous zones while you’re giving your partner oral. For some people, oral pleasure in combination with nipple pleasure is very arousing. Try using vibrating nipple clamps that have adjustable clamp strengths.

Sex Toy Care

If you’re going to invest in exploring sex toys, you want to make sure you’re doing your part to care, clean, and store them properly. If you’re sharing sex toys, be mindful of safe sex and sexual health as toys may pass fluids and bacteria between partners and between holes (keep butt stuff only in the butt!)you can consider a condom on your sex toys and change the condom when it goes into a new orifice on the same body or into a different body. 

Start slow when mixing things up from your go-to pleasure routineyou might find that you and/or your partner are stuck in your head at first: this is normal when trying something new. Take the pressure off, leave orgasm expectations at the door, and enjoy getting curious about new oral sex sensations!