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What's the joy of a big sex toy?

What's the joy of a big sex toy?

Is bigger better? Sometimes! You might be exploring bigger sex toys to create new experiences for yourself, to fulfill a fantasy, or to explore your limits. If bigger is better for you, there are sex toys that are designed for intermediate to advanced play. 

What’s the joy of a big sex toy?

Big sex toys can be about fantasy, sensation, and exploration. The fantasy of being filled up with large objects can be about expressing erotic themes like submission, ‘sluttiness’, greediness, objectification, and many more fantasies. The sensation of fullness, or of being stretched can be highly erotic. 

For some people, big sex toys are about seeing what their bodies can do and pushing the limits of their pleasure. You might discover a new way to get pleasure that you didn’t know existed. 

Big Sex Toys for Big Pleasure

  • Big Butt Plugs

Enjoying large butt plugs usually requires that you already have some anal experience with fingers, or smaller sex toys. Large butt plugs can be long like anal beads or have a wider base to stretch the rectum:

Read these tips for advanced anal pleasure techniques.

  • Big Dildos

Big dildos can be used for anal or vaginal play, or for roleplaying giving oral sex. You might want to strap-on a larger dildo or explore double-penetration. Big dildos can mean longer or thicker than what you’re normally used to:


  • Wand Vibrators

Big sex toys might also be about big powerful vibrations for you. Wand style vibrations are used externally, and can be used on penises, vulvas, nipples, perineums, anuses, and more. You can also use them against the base of a sex toy that’s inserted inside of someone to transfer the vibrations. 

Training for Big Sex Toys

Big sex toys are not a beginner activity, so take your time and keep these tips in mind:

  • You’re training your hole(s): This takes time, patience and listening to the body’s limitsincluding pain. Numbing creams or sensation-numbing creams are not advised, especially for big toys in the butt. 
  • Use graduating sizes and speeds: Going from a small toy to a giant sex toy overnight doesn’t happen for most people. Going too fast can cause injury or discomfort, like sore tissue or fissures. So take your time.
  • Use LOTS of good quality, thick and long-lasting lube: Remember to re-apply lube. Use thick water-based lubes on any material of sex toy, oil-based lubes if you’re not using condoms as a barrier, and silicone lube for non-silicone sex toys (e.g. glass, stainless steel). Enhance sensation with lubes that have frills like warming or cooling.
  • Choose width too: You can go bigger by not only going longer, but wider too. Short and wide dildos or larger and longer anal beads are good options. 
  • Engage your erotic imagination: Arouse your mind and your body before starting to go bigger with a sex toy. Find full body arousal by watching porn or reading erotica, building sensations in the rest of your body (e.g. nipple pleasure), or exploring power exchange with your partner. 
  • Try suction dildos: Big toys can sometimes be hard to maneuver so explore bigger suction dildos that you can affix to a surface and go hands free.

Remember, bigger is relative. If you’re getting the desired sensations you’re looking for, then go as big, wide or long as is fun for you. Take your time, honour your body’s limits, and sink into the sensations of bigger sex toys.

Written for GFH by Luna Matatas